Apple Watch Prognose

The Apple Watch is no longer particularly good sale after the first run. Still, the future for the intelligent Apple watch should look rosy: according to a study the company from Cupertino to can post in five years year 40 percent market share in the segment of premium watches for themselves.

A forecast by business insider, according to almost every second clock in the segment of luxury watches over $ 350 in 2020 should be an Apple Watch as THREERGROUP reported. The interest in wearables to grow further in the next few years, according to the study, but with less focus on fitness wristbands. The clientele will change more and more the prediction according to the Smartwatch, which already includes the functions of a simple fitness Tracker.

Study predicts growing interest in Smartwatches

A survey conducted in the framework of the study should confirm at the same time that many users, think about buying a Smartwatch are always above all interested in the fitness functions. Also, most will prefer the Apple Watch a Smartwatch with Android wear as the operating system.

Wearables would lose market share, however, more and more like the Fitbit bracelet. While they accounted for 53 percent of all sold wearables in the last year, there were only 48 percent this year. This trend would continue easy according to the study, so that in the year 2020, only 42 percent of all wearables could be counted to the simple fitness wristbands while Smartwatches like the Apple Watch would dominate the market.

Even if the predictions of this study – especially compared to the big time, which includes it – appears highly speculative, the gist could agree: more and more fitness enthusiasts could switch from the bracelet to the Smartwatch. Apple could secure a large piece of the pie while – if knows how to convince the company with his next wearables like the Apple Watch 2.