Apple Watch Release Date

The Apple Watch takes its time – officially 2015″beginning”, more accurately speaking at least until mid-February. That reported the information, citing a source from the company. In addition, the report says even Apple employees and partners had expected an earlier release of the Smartwatch.

Specifically, the article quotes an employee familiar with the matter by analogy with the words: “Apple lucky, when it comes to Valentine’s day.” This number excludes ever six weeks of the beginning of 2015 from Apple’s announcement for “Early 2015”.

Prior to its unveiling, the Apple Watch was traded under the name iWatch in the trade press, mostly together with the iPhone 6 or expected at the end of the year. But 2014, Apple’s first product new presentation will no longer appear after the death of Steve Jobs and thus reflected expected Miss also the lucrative Christmas sales, which otherwise was an important factor for Apple’s release timing through

Even at Apple, the Apple Watch was expected even 2014

The shift should have – brought in the coming year even in the company and its partners surprised faces apparently until recently with a Apple Watch release was expected in 2014. The expectations of a launch with or shortly after the iPhone 6 do not come from approximately, because the Apple Watch is designed for sharing with an iPhone, so is his common outright would have offered release. How far the indication “Early 2015” must be stretched yet, remains to be seen.