Apple Watch Tattoo Solution

The solution is at hand: slapstick show host Conan O’Brien has a solution for the tattoo problem of the Apple Watch ready – the Apple Watch hand. It is the ideal wearable companion in all situations, no matter whether you type on the laptop, Cuddles with your baby, or gets a marriage proposal. Sounds freaky? See for yourself.

Tattooed Apple fans have a problem: the sensors of the Smartwatch which is reviewed on, are not working properly, if the wrist of the wearer full of tattoos. Fortunately, there’s Conan O’Brien. The presented recently a solution in his broadcast, which can be described only with the predicate “simply ingenious”: one hand on the style, which serves as a practical Apple Watch holder.

Apple Watch hand cost only $499

Apple Watch hand cost only $499. The sensors of the Apple Watch the practical gadget work, it has a rod made of titanium, which reads the values of your holding hand and passes on to the plastic pan. As the commercial demonstrated, it is an ideal tool for work and leisure. Who could do with the slogan “it’s not A Glitch If We Can Sell You A fix” even resist?

Apple Watch hand survives High-fives without prejudice, serves as the engagement ring bearer and cuts a fine figure even in an Oscar ceremony. In view of the fact that the tattoo scandal is actually no one and the Apple Watch hand, not really at all, it’s almost too bad so a versatile utensil. But only almost. Who now got fancy gadgets with fake hand, the Selfie stick in the form of an arm to the heart is set. He’s also winking meant, but maybe soon goes into production – if they find enough interested parties.