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With yesterday’s performance, all the details are known to the Apple Watch. Appleshows that it wants to compete in the watch business not only with the famous Smartwatches, but also the watch industry sees as a competitor.
With the Apple Watch, the Californian company is finally also a Smartwatch. Whereone must notice, that it presents not only a model, but three models with differentsizes and different watch straps. With this offensive, you want to win as many potential buyers as possible for themselves and will doubtless provide an upswing in the Smartwatch market. Apple provides itself with the models, relatively wide and so wants to ensure that you can control various buyers.
The three versions are the Apple Watch sports, Apple Watch and the Apple WatchEdition. Price wise they differ, especially the Apple Watch Edition can reach price between 11,000 and 18,000 euros. Here is a short list of prices:

Apple Watch sport 38 mm: 399 euro
Apple Watch Sports 42 mm: 449 EUR
Apple Watch 38 mm: 6491,099 euro
Apple Watch 42 mm: 699 to 1.149 euros
Apple Watch Edition: 11,000 to 18,000 euros
However, let’s get to the watch itself. First, it is intended only for iPhone users, iPhones from the 5.Generation are compatible. It is processed in the sport version in aluminium, with the regular Apple Watch made of stainless steel and the watch Edition of gold or Rosé gold. Main control is the touch screen and the “Crown” on thepage that can be used for zooming, scrolling, and other actions. On the back is also a heart rate monitor, as well as the point of contact for the induktiive store to find. Speaking of recharging, the Apple Watch will have an official period of 18 hourson regular use. Active use to get quickly to the limits. Also charging times are not completely without. For an 80 percent capacity 1.5 hours to download, for 100% even 2.5 hours. A short random mating is nothing.
The Apple Watch is also relatively chunky at the first glance, but very high quality processed. Also the interface is simple and easy to operate via the Crown. Also provided for the corresponding apps; the most important and most popular apps areavailable and according to its own figures, the app portfolio grows daily. A particular focus is the fitness area. It has taken on board app providers such as Milokopi,Nike +, or Runtastic and thus ensures that you with fitness junkies to the page is good fitness tracker. You can check also with the integrated heart rate monitor regularly.
The Apple Watch has some more features. You can use the Smartwatch throwing photos, control the music or perform a Web search by Siri. As well, you can answercalls, messages or pay with the Smartwatch. The Apple Watch supports also Applepay what is for now only available in the States. A cool feature is also sending hisheart pulse to friends. You can personalize any the Apple Watch with many Watchfaces. Also the replacement of the bracelet is easy and you have the choice between 6 different models of bracelet.

Apple uses in its Smartwatch on design and on important features that create added value for customers. As you know Apple, this experience will cost a lot of money. Even if most are rather access users to an Apple Watch or Apple Watch sport, the price compared to other Smartwatches is twice as high. Also, battery life is notvery long. This just reminds me: “a clock shows the 24 hours but only 18 hours. This creates only Apple.”

From the 10.April, you can pre-order it and buy at the April 24 already. We can webe sure that there will be queues in front of the store again and Germany is one ofthe lucky countries that will also get it to this date.
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