Apple Watch Users

Do you have an iPhone? Well, only you because is the follow-up question: you’ll still 2015 buy a Apple Watch? At least every twentieth of you should answer this question with a “Yes!” – at least if it after analyst Rob Cihra goes. That sounds not like a resounding success, it would be absolutely, because it would correspond to about 18.5 million units.

Evercore-analyst Rob Cihra calls this estimate in his report, which is AppleInsider, even more conservative. He assumes that the Apple Watch around will – come to the March on the market and go for an average of $500 over the counter despite the big price range, which should extend between the entry-level model announced for $350 and the luxury edition of Apple Watch with real gold casing. At least four percent of Apple’s total sales in the calendar year 2015 to make up the new product category and thus contribute 36 percent to the growth from the previous year. Its main driver will stay plus Cihra according to 6 but continued to iPhone and iPhone 6 – and at the end of the year of course their successor, whether he might mean well iPhone 6 s or iPhone 7.

The Apple Watch is as successful as the iPad

Back to the upcoming debut of the Apple Watch: this is to repeat the strong debut of the iPad Cihras assessment according to. Apple’s Tablet reached 2010 similarly high sales figures and about 20 percent of the iPhone owners in the year of the launch. Their number may have reached to launch of the Apple Watch however four times of the level of 2010. Also Apple’s smart watch starts under difficult circumstances: an iPad is finally a fully standalone device, while the Apple Watch through the required iPhone connection only owner of Apple smartphones.