Arcanox, Building Our Castles E Invading Others a Blow of Pile

Arcanox: Playing cards vs. Castles is one of those games growing in popularity today in which proposed manage our own strength, to increase your defenses and your equipment, while we spend another part of our resources to build an army capable of invading which are controlled by the machine or the other players.

Although this game Discover the fire nor excessively innova in the mechanics of the genre, is presented as an interesting alternative in which our attacks conducted them through letters to summon soldiers or spells, letters we have to choose and to evolve to adapt to create an army to our measure.

On the one hand we have our Castle, to which we add classrooms to improve our resources, and both obstacles such as dragons to neutralize attacks that made our adversaries. We will start with two halls at the fortress, but we will have to increase them as soon as possible so that our opponents have to diversify their forces when they are launched to attack us.

Two of the main objects of each fortress will be his heart, which is a green gem that we will have to protect whatever, and a vending machine cards that you can get better for receive best cards When you decide to invest our gems.

When it comes to our attacks will have to choose a number of finished cards, each of them with different warriors and spells. These charts, as well as the dragons that take care of our Castle, also can be improved with different effects and special attacks that do a little easier the task of attacking and defending forts.

The game has good graphics in two dimensions, and master the mechanics will not cost us too much, so get your aim to entertain. The only negative point is as it’s a title just out of the oven, still we do not have many rivals who invade the multiplayer, so we will have to settle the mission system.

Arcanox: Playing cards vs. Castillosversion 0.9.51

  • Version of Android: 4.0.3 and higher
  • Developer: Juhu Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Letters