Archos Shows Us The Evolution of Android in an Interesting Infographic

It is not new to see infographics in countless sites on the growth or history of Android, Although we still find curious that even manufacturers as Archos become a little bit of self-advertising performing interesting studies on the technical evolution or the improvements that came with each version of the operating system.

Android was born officially about four years ago, and since that HTC G1 launched by T-Mobile in September 2008 many things have gone up to become the most widely used mobile platform at the present time. However, a long way is ahead, especially in the tablet market, where Archos puts his two cents.

The French manufacturer shows us an image along the improvements introduced each version up to 4.1 Android Jelly Bean, and although it may seem repetitive, is the only updated infographic, and it also gives us the evolution approach from a point of view never treated, a manufacturer’s.

Aqui We leave you with the graphic Studio, but not encourage you to take a look.