Arcis, a New Point of View of The Tower Defense with a Touch Arcade

For a few years the genre of Tower Defense is much distilled, getting both great games and applications that should not even be considered pre-alpha. However, plying by Reddit, I met a developer who wanted to betatesters for their game in which gave a twist to this concept, and the truth is that it has a result as little nice.

Recently launched Google Play game and receiving the name of Arcis, and get a new view of this broken concept with a touch of very successful arcade. Unlike the rest of tower defense, here the enemies come from a visual field 180 degree that we will have to defend the central tower, key piece in this game.

The central tower can turn and shoot, having a button at the bottom right to charge shot and a slider to rotate the tower and aim. In addition to this we can build walls with money, although we will have to hold, spending more money, so the walls resist long enough to install towers that will help us to get rid of enemies.

It is a game that at the beginning it is difficult to control, but little by little you realize that it is an idea with a very original and fun concept. The best thing of all is that it is completely free, no ads and no hateful micropayments, which is appreciated in times run.


  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Petronic Arts
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games

Arcis mixes the tower – defense and arcade genres and takes it all to a new level.
Arcis takes tower – defense games to a new level. For the first time you will have the chance to not only build towers and design a defense system, but actively fight enemies as well. Taking control of the central tower, power goes into your hands. Can you fight off the enemy hordes in this innovative mix of tower – defense and arcade style?