ASUS Zenwatch Play Store

The ASUS ZenWatch is already released in the United States actually – she is still not really available. After all copies of the Smartwatch at best buy were sold last week, it is out of print now even after a short availability in the U.S. Google play store. It is though listed in the German play store, to buy there is no the smart wristwatch however.

“Asus ZenWatch is not available in your country”, says the product page in the store play in this country and does not reveal unfortunately even when this might change. ASUS itself adheres to a release in Europe, still covered. Although it seems unlikely that the manufacturers from Taiwan will offer its first wearable not in this country, but could be the reason for the long delay delivery problems.

Wearables are selling well – replenishment has been slow

Wearables, which can do more than a simple fitness Tracker, currently seems not bad selling. It was so to hear that customers like an iPhone launch queued by the launch of Microsoft bands. The Motorola Moto 360 was sold out in early September right after its launch in the United States in a very short time and now also the ASUS ZenWatch shows that she can do the same via LED watch on ITYPEMBA.COM.

Questionable is whether the manufacturers are still not behind coming to launch of their first wearables, or whether they are just careful,: the first examples of a completely new product category could of course more difficult to produce in mass have as for example smartphones manufactured millions of times. As well, it could be also that ASUS, Microsoft and co. keep intentionally close their wearable holdings: this could happen on the one hand, to maintain the interest in the exciting and barely available goods. On the other hand, it would be possible that the manufacturer given the still volatile market would make sure not to sit on hundreds of thousands of devices.