Audiosonic Clock Radio Review

Main benefit

The projection of the screen display on the wall or on your ceiling allows you to inform you of the time without looking at the device.

Main disadvantage

The manual of this clock radio is not very clear in the opinion of some users, but the unit does not mean difficult to handle.

Verdict : 9.4/10

Audiosonic CL-1492 is a clock radio that optimizes the comfort of its user by projecting the time on the wall or on the ceiling so he can read it without having to move. Some people would have liked the notice is clearer to facilitate handling of the device.


Audiosonic CL-1492 can alert you at different times if you are two people to use the same device. You were sleeping in one bed or not, you would know by programming it’s your turn to wake you when it’s your alarm to sound.

You can choose to be woken by the radio station by choosing your top ten proposed or ringtone. In all cases, the device is able to snooze the alarm if you want to sleep and even if you do not want to get up a few minutes before. You can also program it so that these alarms are removed during weekends. You will not have to program it not to ring or not wake up every weekend to not be disturbed and see your cut sleep early.

The display

The screen Audiosonic CL-1492 measures 1.2 inch. Its width makes it easier to see what even appears for these people, whose age is, they no longer see many elements located remotely. It is the same for those users who have small vision problems. The goal of this design is that you can enjoy maximum comfort by reading the time without having to go near the machine.

Its display is sharp and clear. The digits indicating the hour and are sufficiently large in relation to the surface corresponding to the entire screen. The light intensity of the display can be adapted to your needs as it is day or night through a simple adjustment. The adjustment can be done in three different levels to keep you from having sore eyes as lighting inside the room.

The options

Audiosonic CL-1492 equips various useful options to meet the specific needs of each user. A projector accompanies such a personalized clock radio to display the time as well as on the wall to the ceiling. You do not have to get up nor move for the time if you’re not near the unit. The projected items are net for easy reading. Whether during the day or at night you read the display, you can still see clearly what is on the screen.

Besides this time projection, it is you can also locate you in time by getting to know the date with the calendar that offers this device. In addition, a backup function allows you to save the settings. This saves you from having to repeat the same action more when you want to use.