Backpacking with Baby Tips

I dedicate this post to all those parents, somewhat adventurous, who plan to purchase a backpack for toddler to walk their child.

The choice of baby backpacks is not one of the easiest, partly because the market offers several models with different features.

The first thing to clarify is the type of use to which they will do. We must first distinguish i.e. If you plan to use it only occasionally and sporadically for short trips to the park in town, or frequent use perhaps on paths also quite long mountain.

In the first case one should not surely spend crazy, simply enter in any nursery shop and choose the model, better after trying it out with the baby inside, which we feel is most comfortable.

If like me you have the need to transport the baby along mountain trails, tours of three or four hours necessarily navigate on more technical models.

These models can be found in sports stores specialize in selling equipment to the mountain normally have an aluminium frame that supports the seat itself. A good backpack for toddler should be equipped with awning, accessory momentous to avoid continuous exposure of the child to the Sun’s rays and a waterproof cap for use in wet weather. Some backpacks also have the option to adjust the backrest position depending on the length of the child. This adjustment makes it possible to optimally deploy the load according to the growth of the child.

Backpacks more technical rule also are certified baby gate up to 20kg in weight, in fact their use runs out in a couple of years, bearing in mind that the period for transport can vary from 8-9 months up to about 3 years of age.

I think the model company Koala Salewa full-fledged toddler backpack is great, and that’s what I use personally.

Other backpack very well done being talked about much is the Montis Explore Evolution.

Recommendations for the Use of Baby Backpack

Below are a series of practical advice to spend beautiful days with shouldering your little explorers.

  • It is strongly recommended that you use the baby backpack with a pair of trekking poles in order to have a greater balance at all times.
  • Using the Backpack on hiking trails is recommended only to persons in possession of sure footing and with a good basic physical training, in view of the fact that the child very often moves or falls asleep with the unbalanced weight on one side.
  • It is advisable to take frequent breaks, at least every hour to check the general condition of the child.
  • Avoid windy days and in case of temperatures below 18° ensure that the child is adequately covered.
  • Give water frequently to the child.
  • Tackle gradually the experience by modulating the length and duration of routes until the child become familiar with the new features.

With my first daughter I have walked many trails, sometimes I did real trekking 3 days 2 or even sleeping in huts. Remember, the one where I was in my little one’s shoulder, like a beautiful period and now are only too glad to dust off the baby backpack to repeat the fun experience with my second daughter just arrived.