Beats Solo V2, The Successor of A Headphones Icon

Headphones BeatsSolo, in its first version, had a remarkable success. Accessory of fashion and also headphones, it took like hotcakes, especially with young audiences. The Solo V2 we are testing today is trying to take over. Verdict in the lines that follow.

There is not 2 times the opportunity to make a good first impression. Beats has understood, according to the care given to the packaging on all its products. The Solo V2 is no exception to the rule and comes in a nice red and black packaging. The opening has a soft carry case containing the headphones. Underneath, a storage with compartments offers the usual display books, warranty and other quick start guide, but also a carabiner for hanging the Holster and a jack/jack cable. The latter, colour matched to the helmet, has a robust taken bent and a remote-communication-for devices with Apple (iPod, iPhone and iPad).

The Beats Solo V2 made in sobriety in terms of design. No screws apparent, a headband wide as always on the helmets of the brand, the key “B” stylized on the Atria, we’re on familiar ground. This gives a very nice helmet, particularly in the blue-gray color of the test pattern. The manufacturer says have optimized the hinge for more robust system. It is alsofoldable. The pads are in material (of the leatherette?), for best comfort and supposed to avoid any feeling of warm-up.Placed on the skull, the Beats a pressure sensitive, but that’s the price to pay for good insulation.

The sound of the headphones Beats has often been criticized for the pervasiveness of their grave and their lack of versatility, as computerannals says. The Beats Solo V2 away from this sound identity. Not that the bass are absent, far from it, they are still put forward, but it is much more subtle than in the past. It perfectly pulled tests performed on Rap, Zouk, Reggae-Dub, Salsa or the Rn’B. Music jazz style, music classic, or even French chanson, feels like a veil between the music and the listener.Restitution is nice but is more defined and more faithful in this price range. We’d especially love a sharp end and amount higher. But overall the Beats Solo V2 is a rather nice headphones and who shows more versatile than its predecessor. If it is convenient to port, it tends to warm the ears on the duration. Insulation is good and it will be perfectly comfortable in transit.

Helmet audio Solo V2 confirms the change in sound the Beats brand philosophy. More faithful and less typical, it offers more versatility than the Solo first version. The quality of manufacture also up a notch. Meanwhile packaging is always as successful. A good update so.