Beautiful Breastfeeding Bras Models

After the birth of the baby, breastfeeding will be one of the main care with the child and also one of the main activities of the mothers. The feedings will happen several times a day and at various times. To facilitate this task, breastfeeding bras are the best option as they provide the necessary comfort and comfort and the practicality required to feed the children at any time without the need to remove all underwear.

Beautiful Breastfeeding Bras Models

Here are some models of breastfeeding bras and their prices at BESTAAH.COM.

It is not because the bra’s main function is to facilitate breastfeeding the baby that it needs to be ugly. Comfort, practicality and beauty can go together.

This model, in white and beige colors, has opening for breastfeeding, wide and reinforced loops with regulation. For $ 9.99 on the site

This bra for breastfeeding has great support. In addition to the handles, the base is also reinforced. On the back, it has the anatomical regatta style and is made of anti-allergic fabric. Comes with cotton nipple protector. For R $ 49.99 or three times of 16.66 without interest on the site

The bra below has full opening for breastfeeding, facilitating the process and avoiding inflammation and great support. For $ 132 or four times of $ 33 without jutes on the site

This breastfeeding bra has a swimmer’s drawstring shape, and various clothes can be worn without appearing or marking. For R $ 40,50 on the site

Another very practical model, with delicate swims on the front and back swimmer style. For $ 49.99 or three times $ 16.66 without interest on the website

Here is a kit with two bras for breastfeeding, one white and one stamped. For R $ 59.99 or three times of R $ 20 without interest on the site.