Beautiful Table Decorations for an Elegant Forest Wedding

Just a little bit different: these are the weddings, the Planner Susi Bolz by pretty wild weddings designed from Mühldorf am Inn.

Met for the first time I got them as she emerge peeked out just under a blond wig and laughing with her son sitting in the photo Rosi . We came over in the conversation-naaa, guess time surprise: weddings. We talked about how the wedding industry has changed in the past few years, about individuality and the mega issue of the 2016/17 season: nature. Now, it’s a few months later, and I give you with this styled shoot Susi. A little vintage, lots of green, classic white and focuses on the subject of forest-and so many details that there is something to discover in every photo.

Due to the dark forest theme photographer Loredana La Rocca gave a dark, slightly mystical-looking style images. I just love this direction of wedding photography although-or perhaps because-she is so different than the fluffy lovely photography, which otherwise dominates the wedding world. For me, both versions have their charm: playing with the light, the light, the romantic pastel as for example the photographer master’s t & Josef of Austria, or just the dark, mysterious, dramatic as it has in this case interpreted Loredana. But I digress–actually I will give you just a few ideas for your wedding planning at your fingertips with these images.

The Table Decorations-Noble-Vintage With Lots Of Green

The rough wood table stands in contrast you the delicate decoration: instead of numerous flowers, flowers and colors the florist in the green stuff of-UH-is, if I may say that even so crude. So runs in between a few white florets and gypsofilia seeds, a charming grass leaved nadliges tape over the entire table at Ejinhua. Old plates with flower ornaments and simple white napkins give a delicately playful and at the same time classic touch of decoration.

Small wood heart on your write the names of your guests (or printing by laser printing) can, are a sweet alternative to the traditional paper name cards. The three-storey cake acts noble with their dark green and Brown bands and the delicate bouquet of Felix as a coronation. A small box with mussels, on which guests could write their wishes for you are also an idea for a guestbook that you so sure have not often seen.

Check out the pictures alone-and discovered new details!

The Papeterie-Invitation And Menu Made Of Wood

Suitable to the theme of nature and forest arose the papeterie-where papeterie actually might not talk: menu and invitation are authentically printed on wood!

Bridal bouquet and styling

The gypsofilia seeds, which you have seen already on the table in the decoration, reflected also in the styling of the bride: as hair accessories and in the bouquet.