Beauty Products That Change Your Life

Always be beautiful is very challenging. You have to carve out a significant chunk of time for hair and makeup, but also to cuddle a bit ‘body and preserve it from passing time. We do not always have the financial resources to go on a frequent basis the beautician, the hairdresser or spas. Fortunately, today many professional products are affordable and allow you to make a great do it yourself.

Here we are then the good news. In cosmetics, there are many new products, which are likely to become in the course of 2016 real beauty trend that will revolutionize the industry. Taking care of your appearance becomes easier and less demanding. Let’s find out what we can not do without.

Algae instead of hyaluronic acid

Pinprick, fillers and basic filler hyaluronic acid to look younger. For years we thought that this product is the prince of anti-aging. Very true, but today it might be shunned by a new filler. It’s called Algeness and is a completely natural substance containing a sugar derived from algae (known as agarose).
It is biocompatible to the human body and fits into the dermis due to its structure in three-dimensional mesh, filling and normalizing each type of depression, most superficial to the deepest.

Other advantages?
Dura most hyaluronic acid (about 12 months), does not create any kind of allergy, and the results are visible immediately. Europe has just entered the market, while in the US will come next year.

Glue (fish) for false eyelashes

Let’s face the most beautiful eyelashes are those that apply with the special glue tufts, however, that stress! You have to have a certain skill. Removal is nonetheless easy and convenient.Certain that if we could avoid a chemical would already a beautiful thing. In fact it’s so. Molluscs is possible to derive a natural adhesive insoluble in water ideal for false eyelashes, but also for the nails.

Next-Gen Nail Art

Imagine owning a robot that can draw any design on your nails? Done! It’s called Nailbot and was created by Pree Walia University of Chicago MBA and Casey Schulz, an engineer specializing in robotics. Nailbot uses a cosmetic ink and through an app of the phone chooses the image that we want to print in the manicure. Currently it is being done only try some specialized centers with great success and soon will come the “small” version for those who enjoy a manicure at home.

Botox without needle

The problem of pinprick to fill wrinkles are almost always needles. Even this obstacle is about to be superseded by new product based botox that does not require the injection. The new botulinum toxin, known formula as DaxibotulinumtoxinA Topical Gel (RT001), is a gel that is applied at specific points of the face (for example near the eyes where they form the so-called crow’s feet) by smoothing the skin. It is still in the testing phase and once the market will not do it yourself. It will always be applied by a doctor.

Injections for baldness

Hair loss is a real tragedy for men and especially for women. There may be a revolutionary product to prevent the transplant and also spend unnecessary money in baldness treatments ineffective. They are injections of a stimulant, called Complex (HSC), which acts as a filler doing regrow hair where they have fallen.