Benefits of Mindful Movement

Mindful Movements is a unique meditative form of exercise based on the postures of yoga, tai chi, qigong and KumNyé, complemented by mindfulness meditation. These disciplines have the same goal: peace of mind and change of consciousness.

Where will it come from?

Mindful Movements has grown from mindfulness courses. These courses have been developed in America by Jon Kabat-Zinn.Originally a method used in hospitals to help people with chronic pain or depression. Afterwards, it was also spread as mindfulness training, to learn how to handle negative thoughts, emotions and tensions. It differs from other forms of meditation is to consider things in mindfulness as they are right now. No imagination is added, everything revolves around the now moment. You try to make things as clear and open as possible. The forms of mobility are combined in a unique way and come from the old disciplines.

Does it matter?

Mindful Movements Mindfulness is in motion, it is a way to focus your attention on your breathing rhythm and your body sensations during motion sequences, so you end up with a more open mind. Physical benefits include improved breathing, stability, endurance, flexible joints and improve blood flow. Mental benefits that you receive your attention to focus on feeling your body and calm your mind during the time period postures and meditation.Your inner strength will increase. Your vitality, your concentration and increase understanding of yourself. Our main focus is to take care of our body positions and feel inside. To increase the resistance, improves the quality of your life, you get a more positive view and see the world with different eyes.

Who can do it?

In principle, Mindful Movements available to all, you have the real mindfulness meditation not know. People with a busy mind have the opportunity to bring their thoughts to rest in the breath and movement sequences. Custom music rhythms support this. Improved blood flow helps to cultivate an open, accepting and non-judgmental attention during meditation.

Quick effect?

You can not learn everything in one lesson and feel. Often it takes you a couple of weeks before you train sets to master and you will feel the movement relaxation.

Do it yourself?

It is certainly the intention of going home and applying the principles of Mindfulness Mindful Movements. Only it is often difficult even for real-time provided. Ideally, morning and evening, quarter past one focus your attention on your breathing or perform movements with attention.