Best Baby Musical Night Light

If you follow the blog from the beginning you remember maybe of an article I wrote last September and there you go tell me: ‘what? “But don’t you already found this absolutely perfect musical night light?”

Best Baby Musical Night Light

It is true that at this time, when I was talking about the pilot light “Light sweet night” of V-Tech, I was talking of the gem of the night lights. It has effect all to please us (to us parents, but also in baby) but his biggest weakness appeared only a few months later.

Indeed, in late December, we had to face the fact, after over a year of good and loyal service she had to die!

The Pooh swinging began to cringe of horrific way (but also weird that things could seem baby asleep anyway). I had beautiful all disassemble and lubricate everything, it would seem that the mechanism that squeaks is (coincidentally) not accessible…

As she had helped us though during all this time, I bought the same night light from the site josephnightlights. It must be said baby had solicited him much, day and night (when I told you that he loves it trust me although I wasn’t lying!)

But last week it was the water drop. This new night light, bought not even 6 months earlier started broadcasting the same squeaking in turn!

So I bought, after looking quickly on the net, and based on what I found in the store, a new light to my loulou. Trying to find one whose characteristics were getting closer to the one we had.

This is how the pilot light “Sweet dreams Tigger” Tomy came home…

Everything could be alright, she had like the V-Tech a projector on the ceiling and a screen on the front and besides she is also re-activation to baby’s crying.

Only as you can imagine, all is not well spent… Yes, otherwise this article would not exist!

I don’t know what has no more to my P’ puddin but he yelled this evening here when I have sex it and since he won’t see it. It must be said that he was sick, it has probably not helped but nothing to do there, he does not want to sleep with.

I have several theories, because really to me either this night light I do not:

-The front light is too intense (and yet the designs that parade are just bland)

-Music (repetitive to the passages because only 3 songs and we can’t get that one loop) are too strong: the volume control button does not much, even sticking a scotch behind it is too strong and increasingly it’s like listening to an old ring tone. I hardly exaggerate, there is that treble sounds, nothing that no incentive really to me baby to sleep

-And the best: on the façade there is Tigger and friends on which we can push to trigger sounds supposedly fun but actually it comes (for mode night anyway) of snoring sound and rather scary that are largely I think, responsible for the total rejection of this night light by my son.

In short, for the price I put I was very disappointed… And for once I have quickly recommended on the net our good old night light “Light sweet night”.

But so far I have not decided to buy 2 per year and I started seriously looking for an alternative.

However I guess I’m too demanding but I really found nothing that matches my expectations.

There are some nice things on the market of the musical night light but not one who happens to meet all my criteria as the “light sweet night” of V-Tech.

The trickier when we chose a musical night light is that we often buy blind. I mean that with rare exceptions you can not really know what to expect, especially at the level of the melodies and that’s what bothers me. Frankly piles of demonstration in devices to allow us to make our choice would be no top?

If there had been in the Tomy Nightlight sure I would not have bought. But anyway she’s going right back to the store.

And on the websites of the manufacturers brands there might for example be an audio track to listen to the melodies. I don’t even understand that he had not thought! They have no children or what?

Fortunately for some models we can still find a few cool videos that allow to get an idea.

And with all my criteria is a real puzzle to find THE perfect night light. Yes, for not doing things half the pilot of my dreams:



-broadcasts not too bright changing lights

-the melodies are sweet (and there are more than 3!)

-has an at least 10 minutes timer

-reactivates when baby ple