Best Cycling Routes in Asia

Travel is an incredible experience and if you want to improve your journey as cycling tours, this experience can become even more beautiful and unforgettable. And if your next destination is the Asian continent you can’t help but read this post with everything you need to know about cycling tours in Asia.

Advice Before Cycling

  1. Health: Have good health and stamina.
  1. Training: Train with attendance before undertaking ma bike adventure elsewhere in the world.
  1. Planning: Plan the steps and the pillows.
  1. Time of year: Don’t do the route during the rainy season (from May to October) or in very hot (between March and may). The best months are between November and March.
  1. Weight on the bike: Take lightweight bike: a small first aid kit, sunscreen, enough water and light clothing.
  1. Scholarships: To carry things on the bike use bags instead.
  1. Clothing: It takes something to wrap for the air conditioning of the planes, buses and trains. It would be a good thing in your luggage has also an inflatable mattress or sleeping bag.
  1. Camera: To save the wonders of rural and urban landscape you can’t forget your camera or cell phone. Protect it with an isothermal bag against the heat and rain.
  1. Footwear: Lightweight footwear and sandals to the bath.

Cycling in Asia

Advice During Cycling

Reserve Energy

Are many hours a day you will spend riding, so take it easy. A cicloturista knows to pedal with rhythm and go reserving energy. If the path is long, you should get prepared to take the time to rest. If the ride starts early which is quite commendable, do not overdo it at breakfast, it is better to take a coffee slim and then make stops throughout the morning to snack on something. So you keep a glucose levels more uniform.

Drink Lots of Water

Don’t expect to be thirsty to drink water. Hydration is critical for your income and to keep up the good humor.

Make a Plan

Always plan a defendant less than what you think you do, you can. In the case of Cycling as in other cases less is more!

Travel in Small Groups

The ideal number of people to travel by bicycle would be a maximum of four cyclists, as each one has your pace and it’s hard to keep the same rhythm with very large groups. You have to consider that the purpose of a trip cicloturista is different for each. The good news is that if you go in a group, can take turns to take care of of bicycles and luggage while the other shower or visit a monument for example.

Now that you’re prepared, check out the best destinations for bicycle touring in Asia!


Thailand, located in Southeast Asia listed at Countryaah, is considered a country room for bicycle touring. Has rural roads and paths in good condition, with very little car traffic, in that, in addition, always finds some small shop where to buy water and food every few kilometers. One of the impressions that you’re taking the journey is the kindness of the Thai people. There are plenty of people who greet you and present you with a smile. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes which pass alongside as you pedal, both beaches as the Interior jungles offer a striking beauty. However, it can be tricky to find a repair shop or tire repair, so it is advisable to take a few extra Chambers, brakes, tools, etc.

Cycling in Thailand

Cycling in Thailand


In China you can find several mountains to make bicycle touring. In Yunan cycling is the only means of transportation. You can go from There to the city of Shangrila in full bike! It’s an unforgettable journey for all lovers of cycling.

Xinjiang is barren, but it is also an adventure not to be missed. However, don’t forget to go prepared. The place is magical and the population is quite different from the rest of China. Most of its residents are Muslims and speak a different language.

China’s capital Beijing is also a great place to perform cycling. It’s very comfortable all the streets and you can see a lot of culture, architecture and city life.

Cycling in China

Cycling in China


The Japan is a highly developed country like the subject bicycle paths and of course, cycling. It is very easy for any tourist coming to the country, rent a bike and get to know the beauties around there!

On the roads there are many 24 hours, great for people who grab the premiered. It is a country where invites you to walk and get to know your nature and culture by bike.

In addition, you won’t feel a strange biking in Japan, since much of the population are accustomed to use this kind of vehicle. One of the attention that people who adopt the bicycle touring in Japan must have is look at the weather, since the winds can be very strong and cause accidents.

The best way to go are:

  • Yodo River.
  • The route of the Sky Castle Building.
  • And the heart of the bustling Osaka.

Cycling in Japan

Cycling in Japan

See how much fun on wheels? Enjoy all the destinations that Asia has for you!