Best Fishing Spots For Walleye In Berlin

There are some cities in the world, where you can catch pike-perch well, but there are hardly any better than my choice hometown Berlin. You just need to know where are the barbed Prince! You can catch large Pike in the summer, but this happens mostly in the Great Lakes outside of Berlin. This is why the Zandersaison begins for me in Berlin with the first ground frost. In Berlin, it is usually sometime in October and the size of fish caught is steadily rising until the end of the season (31.12) – then the closed season begins and is valid until end of May. One theory is that when it gets colder, the pike perch from lakes outside of Berlin in the relatively warmer waters of the city.

Before I describe the exact places, I explain what principle should look when searching for a hot Pike place. Walleye are very much on edge, pull back in deep holes or lurking close to the sheet pile walls. Also a pretty strong current is useful. I found many of these top posts over the last few years in Berlin, E.g. at the Teltow Canal, on the Spree and the Havel.

Barely on walleye fishing on the Teltow Canal, but there is a section between the Königsberger road and the Wismar in Steglitz/Lichterfelde the repeatedly good fish. On the basis of the nearby water power plant and the uneven structure of the soil, coupled with a pretty strong currents after rains this post is one of the best ever on the Teltow Canal within Berlin. A place that is not so far away, is the Machnower sheath in the Stahnsdorfer dam. Here are already some 80 cm + zander caught and always gently set back at least of mine has been.

The Spree has also much to offer for anglers who want to like to find Zander. It has relatively warm water and good soil structure. The Kupfergraben and surroundings (all between Schloßplatz and Monbijoubrucke) are some top spots on the river Spree. Also at the Elsenbrücke are often many Pike. I personally started many middle and little really big Pike perch in the spree, but I’ve heard already quite different stories

For me, there is still no better water than the lower Havel in Berlin for walleye. There are several absolute top places in which I had much success. My biggest walleye is 92 cm on the lower Havel and relating the Havel to Spandau I could outwit several walleye over 70 cm. There are days where you can catch 3 or 4 relatively large Zander within a few hours. Everywhere between the Stößenseebrücke and the end of the Havel Canal gen Pichelssee (early Stößensee), there are ideal conditions of Zander.

The Halensee is a great Lake for walleye fishing in RELATIONSHIPSPLUS. There for not Club member only from the shore fishing is possible, there are fishing in the fishing Club of Wilmersdorf.

I hope you try out the described places, of course there are also others, but which will reveal at a later date. I welcome you to hear your fishing results and maybe see you sometime at one of my favorite posts on Zander hunting.

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