Best Mirror for Bathroom

In the bathroom, a convenient mirror, which serves as storage or light is the perfect space saving solution. To help you choose the most suitable for your room mirror, check out our selection of clever mirrors.

A large bright mirror for bathroom

In the bathroom, we’re often looking for tips to save space, while providing a functional and aesthetic space. If the mirror is a must, you can choose it smart, 2 in 1 or more. A second must-have, it’s the light in the bathroom. Why not combine the two by choosing a bright

mirror with integrated lighting ? Over the old medicine chest of the student apartments, unsightly, but practical – it must be him recognized this quality. Its yellowish light neon leaves room for lighting directly thought in the design of the mirror, LED and little aggressive. Perfect to succeed her make up when there is no natural light.

Mirror bright “SENSEA Neo Shine”, integrated lighting, 239 euros, Leroy Merlin

A mirror with shelves for bathroom

In small bathrooms, we often lack of storage space. Furniture under sinks and a towel are sometimes not enough to store all the essentials in the toilet. And some objects must be at hand. For that, you can choose a mirror combined with shelves of storage. Scattered all around the mirror, they allow to book each his storage space in the bathroom and keep its essential beauty within reach without cluttering up the edges of the sink or the tub.

Mirror in the bathroom “Hiba”, solid pine and metal, 149 euros, La Redoute interiors

A mirror that hides a Cabinet for the bathroom

We opt for the ultra contemporary version the medicine cabinet. With a high, topped by a mirror cabinet, combined storage space closed to hide all the creams and accessories that we don’t necessarily want to see, and mirror for toileting. We choose a model design and original, with some storage visible on one side to expose pretty bottles of perfume and essential in daily use. A mirror hiding a wardrobe is the ideal smart solution for small bathrooms. We make the place without sacrificing the size of the mirror.

Closet toilet “SENSEA Remix”, 119 euros and extension Cabinet “Remix”, 49 euros, Leroy Merlin

A small bright mirror for bathroom

A single mirror is not always sufficient and sometimes we have to look at some of the details a little closer. We opt for a multitude of round mirrors of small size from MAKEUPNECESSITIES.COM, with built-in or hung, LED reading lights way bulbs, that there was on the bathroom wall. This helps to give a sense of space and depth to the room, and it is also very useful when the main mirror is already busy. A practical, discreet and cunning solution!

Apply “Blavik” LED with mirror, 17.95 euros, IKEA

A mirror triptych type Barber for the bathroom

Everyone knows the problem: How do you see the front and the back of her hair at the same time? The right solution is to opt for a mirror that tilts, or to use the eternal mirror handplaced slightly behind the head height. We prefer the option very trend and practice of the mirror broken down into three parts, triptych way mirror of the Barber for example, which allows to inspect every angle his freshly shaven face, her bun just fixed or discover its best profile.

Mirror Barber, without colors, triptych at the old, to hang by the chain, L112, 5 x H51, 25 cm, 229 euros, AM. PM

A mirror with the integrated bathroom storage boxes

The round mirror has a certain elegance, but it is difficult to find a Cabinet version. By opting for a model with built-in storage, how small boxes, we can slide brushes make-up, accessories for hair, nail clippers… without cluttering other bathroom storage space. We keep so close to the mirror what we need on a daily basis, all with a hyper design and especially very original solution. With a pretty plant Interior, this mirror model can also become a decorative advantage.

“Sällskap”, 55 euros, IKEA mirror

A wall mirror with hooks for bathroom

In the bathroom, one needs to suspend a number of small accessories (Washcloths, towels…).The mirrors are always smarter by offering no more only a shelf for your beauty products, but adding a few hooks. This allows you to suspend some objects or transform his mirror in door-jewelry. If there are many models of mirrors two or three in one in the trade, it is easy to customize your own a mirror by adding a few hooks, a small tablet…

Mirror wall “Bergen”, Solid rubberwood with shelf and hooks, 74 x 60 cm, 79 euros, Kaligrafik at Our site.