Best Soccer Jerseys of 2014-15

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14-15 Hamburg Away Shirt
With a deft and subtle integration of the club emblem in the main body of the shirt is almost subliminally to destroy the famous Hamburger diamond crest in its effect and so close it is to an optical illusion.

14-15 Real Madrid Jersey 3.
There are probably only a team that can perform such a courageous and bold design without risking derision, and that is Real Madrid. The Yohji Yamamoto dragon design has proved a great success in most sports stores and was sold out within days of launch.

14-15 1860 München Oktoberfest Edition jersey
Bayern’s city rivals, in 1860, established the affiliation to the Oktoberfest with their now traditional launch of a limited edition design itself, since the publication of the start of the month-long beer festival coincides. This was the best design and strictly limited release contributed, which was protected by the award-winning status for another 12 months.

14-15 Arsenal Away Shirt
In their first season of a 10-year contract with Arsenal, it was crucial for Puma has a strong link to the past, the fans of the club to win over. The traditional yellow and blue away kit was always a safe bet, and the design has sold very well. Aaron Ramsey’s wonder goal against Galatasaray has also ensured that is this T-shirt to win a certain cult status and immortality.

14-15 Japan Home Shirt
A good design often relies on the performance of a team to be at a great design. Unfortunately we could Honda, Kagawa, Uchida & co. the team did not carry out on the World Cup group. Therefore, the shirt could not retract the success which it deserved.

13-14 FC Madureira TW Jersey
Each design tells a story. This T-shirt combines so much history in itself as the actual design.Full marks to the staff of the third division FC Madureira for the use of unique historical connection to the world’s most iconic Revolution of the 50th anniversary of their tour to Cuba and the presentation before the game to comrade Che.

14-15 Bayern Munich Home Jersey
With many similarities with the home kit 95-96 worn by Klinsmann, Papin & Matthew has this style is done very well at Bayern fans whose only disappointment is that their team is not in is able to support the Club World Cup badge for the 2nd half of the season on the shirt.

2014 Germany Home Shirt
Great designs are forged by great memories, and Mario Gotze’s late goal against Argentina that means this style has inscribed forever in the football jersey folklore.

14-15 Real Madrid Away Shirt
In many ways, just as groundbreaking as the third shirt is this pink away kit a resounding success and its popularity depends doubtless with sustainable Champions League euphoria and the signings of World Cup stars James Rodriguez & Toni Kroos together

14-15 Argentina Home Shirt
A classic kit with a modern badge and some subtle, additional cuts to the strip. Some kits are at their best when they remain unaffected by significant changes, and that is one of them.

14-15 PSG Home Jersey
The current champions of Ligue 1. PSG’s home kit features a unique neckline and V-neck, with an eye-catching vertical red and white stripes on the front, which extend to the back of the jersey.

14-15 Belgium Home Shirt
The favorite of every neutral fans in the world championship. Belgium also won much praise for its innovative team kit design-fresh and dynamic ideas to start an exciting new era in Belgian football. The hype before the tournament was unfortunately not quite see in the square.

14-15 Belgium Away Shirt
The black away kit of Belgium was perhaps not counteract the ideal color in the game to the hard Brazilian sun, but it was the away kit the other teams with ease advance in style and elegance on fan-festivals and sports bars.

14-15 Colombia Home Shirt
One of the biggest sellers in terms of jerseys during the World Cup. This striking design was worn in the latter stages of the tournament: through the most exciting, liveliest and most entertaining of South American teams. It was also worn for the official FIFA Goal of the Tournament.

CD Lugo Special Edition TW Jersey
CD Lugo, on page 2 of the Spanish division, is a clever way for the merger of sponsorship has come up with set design to promote a local brewery and regional Galician delicacy Octopus.

14-15 Cameroon Home Jersey
The Cameroon 2014-15 home kit was the best of all the other courageous attempts by Puma to strengthen the individual identity of their African national team kits by strong local symbols and patterns were integrated into the overall fabric.

14-15 Benfica Home Jersey
A club currently without the financial strength of Manchester, London or Madrid but still with a rich and colorful history that inspires-the jersey contains elements from the famous Lisbon compass mosaic.

14-15 Zambia Home Shirt
A clean, minimalist concept with a strong West African fabric print to stand out from the crowd.Had Zambia qualified for the World Cup, this jersey design would have received much more acclaim.

14-15 Spartak Moscow Away Shirt
Nice to see the 14-15 Spartak Moscow away kit has the home kit just so gouged because of its overall clean look. The diamond mesh pattern is a tribute to the Spartak-comb, which has been enlarged and positioned to the center of the shirt.

14-15 Napoli Away Shirt
with a fraction of the resources of the big brands, Macron manages to walk the path in the Kit-market of professional football with some bold and innovative designs continues. On the back of their exaggerated Tarnungstrikots of last season Napoli a denim look was missed with a well-made and very realistic fabric pressure this season.