Bicycle Accessories: What to Buy for My Bike?

Cycling is an excellent practice and this we already know, however what is unknown to us are the risks that lack of accessories can cause us.

Usually when you go to buy the accessories for your bike, you get in the middle of doubt about what you should be buying, which is the most important, plus many other questions that arise throughout this process.

For this reason polyhobbies will mention some essential items that can not be missing from your bike.

Bicycle And Cycling Accessories


The helmet is undoubtedly the main accessory for any and every cyclist and therefore, should not miss the list of accessories for your bike.

It is a fact that this is not an accessory of the bike in specific, but this is more precisely aimed at the cyclist, so it is necessary to emphasize the importance of this element when you go out to pedal with your bike.

The use of the helmet is of extreme importance for those who ride a bike and if it is not used represents a great risk to the life of the cyclist, because in case of an accident, his absence can be fatal.

So do not forget your helmet every time you go on a bike and always walk with him in the right place for what he was done, because it’s no use taking your helmet if it is not to put it on your head, is not it?


For drivers to know that you are there, you need to be well-marked for this.

According to the CTB (Brazilian Traffic Code) the night flags should be located at the rear and at the front, on the sides and also on the pedals of your bike, which may or may not flash.

But in addition you may also be getting special clothes that also function as reflectors as is the case of jackets, pants, sneakers, among others.

With accidents happening all the time these days, it’s always good to be on the safe side.


This accessory is mainly used in night pedals, where it has the function of assisting in the illumination of the road, exposing the best way for you to ride your bike without having to take the risk of accident even more if the road is of stone or present Holes.

If you have plans to go out at night to make a trail, do not forget this item, as it will be fundamental in maintaining your safety.

Water Bottle Holder Or Squeeze

The act of pedaling by itself, makes you spend a lot of energy and this way your body ends up losing a lot of fluid, because you tend to sweat a lot in this activity.

That way, water should be present to promote hydration of your body. So nothing better than having the Hydration Backpack or that bottle of water always accompanying you everywhere you go with your bike.

Currently some bicycles already bring this support to the water bottles, thus facilitating the whole process.

But if your bike does not yet have this support, provide a logo, as it is of the utmost importance for the cyclist’s health that he maintains the hydration of his body during the pedaling.

It seems a bit absurd, but there are bikes with up to 3 seats for water support, because depending on the length of your pedaling, if there are not many stops, it is necessary to ensure their hydration steadily.

Emergency Kit

Many people say that it is always good to be on the safe side, and indeed it is true. You never know what might happen during a pedaling. Therefore it is always recommended to ride with a bicycle safety kit.

This kit consists of some indispensable items and tools to assist you in some unforeseen circumstances.

The Kit contains: air chamber, patches, general purpose tools, air pump, among others. Just put this kit in your backpack and leave with your bike having the guarantee of being prepared for any eventuality.


In a fall, it will surely be the hand that will touch the ground first, so the gloves are a very important item too. Not to mention that they are useful in the grip of your hand to the handle because if your hand is too sweaty you may be unbalanced and fall.

Bermuda For Cycling

Good shorts also make all the difference when it comes to riding a bike. This accessory will give you much more comfort, protecting certain regions of your body in case of longer pedals.


This accessory should be made with good material so that you can enjoy the pedaling better.


The glasses are also a relevant item and should accompany you on your pedals.

It protects your eyes against the action of dust or any other element that is present in the air and that could harm your vision. If you pedal during the night, the use of transparent glasses is indicated.

Sneaker / Footboard

The sneaker or pedal is very important to make your pedals perform much more, so be sure to have this accessory on your bike.

In addition the pedalboard also helps in cases where you need to take someone on your bike, as it will serve as support for the feet of the ride that is on your bike.

Computer Cycle

This element is not necessarily essential, but it can be a great motivator for you to continue practicing cycling. With it, it is possible to identify how many kilometers were traveled and how your average speed is traveling per mile traveled.

Bar End

Usually this accessory is purchased in conjunction with the bike. It serves to change the position of the hands in cases of long pedals and to assist in the case of standing pedals during a climb.


Whether small or large, backpacks are essential for carrying materials that you will need during the ride or some food for the pedal.


As soon as feasible try to put a suspension on your bike because with this accessory you will have much more comfort and safety when facing the decisions with more speed.

The price is varied, taking for all the pockets, it is only that you analyze what the best one for your bicycle.


It is a very peculiar accessory, where it is usually used when walking through unknown places. If this is your case then using this item on your bike is necessary.

Luggage Rack

This accessory is very important for those who need to take some person.

With the luggage rack on his bike, the “ride” would have felt safer.

Rear View Mirror

The rearview mirror is a very important accessory, and just like in cars and on motorcycles, it allows the cyclist to see if there are any cars coming behind him at the time of a crossing. With the rear view mirror, the cyclist becomes much safer when riding on major urban roads for example.


The horn is an important accessory simply because it makes it possible for a pedestrian or an inattentive driver to be alerted in order to avoid accidents. In the market there are a variety of models of horns where each one presents a distinct sound. According to the user’s preference, the horns may have a more serious sound, or they may be softer.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, there are also some others that can be placed on the bike but for purely aesthetic purposes, to make the bike more exclusive.

With this, cyclists are always looking for accessories to customize their bikes.

Whether changing color, or using other materials, it is always possible to give a new face to your bike. In this respect it is worth abusing creativity and using solutions that can be done at home to personalize it.

Here are some examples of accessories used for this purpose.


Whether for the day or the night, the wallets are accessories that when placed on your bike will serve to store small objects such as cell phones, money or cameras.

Depending on the type, they can optimize the space of your bicycle, such as the mailbag type, where they can be attached to the ends of the handlebars or even the handbags that are smaller and can be inserted into the saddle structure.


The functionality of this item can vary greatly. The goal is to find a basket that is proportional to the structure of the front of your bike, if it is of the front type but if it is rear should be adjusted to the size of the rump.

There are a number of models of baskets, ranging from sustainable models such as wicker to models that are more resistant to water and that even comes with the bracket attached.

If your basket is a little aged the tip is to coat it with rubberized floral fabric, where it is a sturdy and easily accessible material.

Whatever the purpose for which you are needing these items, the accessories are essential for your bike and should be taken into consideration when buying your bike.