Big Man Swimsuit Size Summer 2012

May arrived, it is high time to find her swimsuit for summer. But it is not always easy to find a swimsuit to its size. Rather than spending your days in the stores looking for the swimsuit of your dreams, why not go directly through theOneStopPlus box? OneStopPlus site (link: offers a wide choice of great man swimsuit size.We have selected three designs of different styles, so that everyone can choose his style.
Find clothes to fit when you are round is never easy. You have to run the stores looking for the brand who will be willing to create a garment made for rounder men. It’s tiring and frustrating at the same time, and that OneStopPlus has understood.
OneStopPlus site: fashion, sizes and more
OneStopPlus is a website for online sales of clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women.The online store offers a selection of more than 200 brands and thousands of models. The site was created in 2007 to the United States and settled quickly in France. The idea of OneStopPlus is simple: half the population is a 42 and more, and most of the shops stop their clothes at this size.OneStopPlus offers us so any fashion in sizes that are half of the French. Models range from 42 to 68 for women, and until the 10 XL for men.
The great man swimsuit selection size of writing
This shorty blue bath size elastic brand Taillissime is the ideal compromise between the Speedo and shorts. It has a cord to allow you to adjust perfectly to your size. This shorty of bath is available in different colors: blue, gray or black and the size 42 to 76 at the price of € 19.99.
This boxer of green bath has printed flowery of contrasting colours. The boxer-shorts is ideal to camouflage the curves at the level of the thighs and hips. The pastel is one of the trends for summer 2012 and thus gives a very fashiontouch to short. The model has an elastic waistband and a cord to fit the model to your size. This is the mode for this new season swimwear listed on BOMBEBIKINI.COM. It is available from size 54 to 76 at the price of € 20.99 instead of €29,99 or 30% off OneStopPlus).
This Speedo of Daxon brand is perfect for the pool. The belt is elastic for more comfort and a cord allows you to adjust the swimsuit in your size. The model is made up of three colors and is sober enough, that will seduce the most classic of you. Available from size 44-76, this swimsuit is priced at€ 16.90.
OneStopPlus site is dedicated to fashion large size. So if you want to buy a swimsuit man big size, look no further and go to OneStopPlus. Enjoy – in, with the promocode « 26174″, get -20% on your order.” With OneStopPlus, you are satisfied or refundedand you have 15 days to decide.