Bought a Tent and Now?

You have bought a new tent. Congrats on the purchase. Perhaps you are already an experienced camper. In this case, the most the following information is already known to you. Nevertheless, please read this text. Then you are up to date. You are a new beginner and want to invent everything yourself, then this article is certainly interesting for you. In this blog you will find all sorts of tips, which you can use as much and as long as possible to the satisfaction of your tent and that ultimately facilitate the setting up your tent.

Check if it is the right size

We can say it often enough: check to make sure whether you have bought the right size of tent. That was not the case namely and fit the tent, there will be almost always traces. The tent is no longer in mint condition and the sellers can then no longer as new selling the tent. He is then forced to withhold a certain percentage of the new price by the amount paid by you for the tent. You are responsible for also for the correct circulation code of your caravan. We wrote a blog in which we described how to determine the circulation measure of your caravan ever.

Before tent poles

At the awnings you always have a choice: a choice for the material, the system (screw or clip) or for the thickness of the rod. When the pushrod is a linkage plan the various components including the position number displayed on the. We recommend you to check the linkage, this allows you to sort the parts on the basis of the linkage plan. If you are mounting the tube clamps beforehand, then you need to do that during the construction. So you save this work at the campsite. Slide together all telescopic parts and they easily clamp down. In the carry bag supplied at each hyper camp -tent, you can store the mounted parts practically bundled.

Standard equipment a hyper camp awning

The our House brand of hyper camp tents are in addition to standard with a complete linkage equipped with pegs, guy wires, curtains, wheel cover, wind hood and tent bags. The majority of these accessories will be rolled into the roof part of the awning. Don’t be afraid so, when unpacking the tent and you do not immediately find these components. If you completely set apart the tent, you will find this accessories automatically.

SHS clips for Screwless fastening

The hyper camp tents are already pretty complete, but there are accessory that simplifies building and enjoyable and that the tent still complete. Think of a slack adjuster, a storm band set, an extension or tent – pole pockets (with handle).

We pay more attention to the SHS clips. If you use this, you need to unscrew any tent loops in the caravan. Also you can optimally attach the roof bars with these SHS clips and that promotes a better anchor. Each hyperlink camp – tent is equipped with a special cord for Screwless fastening of the SHS clips. The cord is located on the inside of the roof. After you have pushed the awning through the tent rail of the caravan, you can attach the SHS clips to the Special harness. In the construction of the awning roof bars are hooked and when staking out the clip with the flat part is automatically set pressed against the wall of the caravan. If you use no SHS clips, you must provide your caravan with the supplied tent rings. It is one or the other that.

Reinforce your season tent or full year tent

The tents of hyper camp with a depth up to 300 cm are equipped from size 11 with 5 roof bars. The smaller sizes have 3 roof rack. Tents with a depth of 350 cm have size 7 5 roof poles. We recommend the whole year together urgently to order extra rods for added stability or to buy, especially, if your tent is set up during the whole season or even the whole year. For all PVC tents and ten Cate tents, campingship recommends the following:

Size 2 – 10 at least 2 additional roof poles or at least 2 additional first poles and at least 2 storm poles

Size 11-14 at least 4 additional storm poles

Size 15 – 20 at least 4 additional roof poles and at least 4 extra storm poles

Attention: We stress ‘at least’. As regards the diameter: which, as far as it can with the rods, which is part of your awning, coincide.

Ready to start

You’re so far that they can start building. In a next blog we run in Word and image step by step through building your awning. If you follow our instructions, it can not go wrong stop.

Did we forget something important? Let us know about it, then we will process your supplements in a new blog with your name in it, of course, only if you want. In addition, you help other campers with your info. We are looking forward to your response.