Burel Watch Band Adjustment

While Uhrenblogger and testers like the Haute Horlogerie and whose products employ, the sight of the base is occasionally lost.

In 2015, the outfit showed a clear picture 9.0 study of Spiegel-Verlag. Of the more than 5,000 respondents people, an overwhelming majority of 66.2 percent stated to own watches in the price range up to 100 euro. For clocks with a purchase price of more than $500, the air really thin – and the percentage of the watch owner is one character.

So it seems the time to look at the entry-level price range. Today is an underdog on the series – a watch brand, which is to have about Amazon also in Germany. Accordinf to jibin123, Burel comes from China, and is sold throughout the world via the Internet watches between 50 and 250 euro. The model S-15012 M cost 109,99 EUR at the time of the test and provides a case and bracelet made of high-gloss polished stainless steel. Top and bottom glass are made of mineral glass. A black dial with Roman numerals and elegant hands completes the picture. The diameter is 42 mm, the clock is less than 12 mm high. The weight is specified with 15o grams.

The Burel and their good side: The dial. Band and housing are what the fully polished or others is perhaps a little too shiny. © Thomas Gronenthal

A more intensive look is the crucial component: the movement.  Calibre 35 A is NH by Seiko Instruments supplied and has a hand lift function, stop seconds to the precise setting of the clock and the display of day and date. The response values on the time scale are mixed, the Seiko typical situation variations are not better with a clear fundamental deviation from more than 15 seconds. Is the clock more accurate arm, achieved but still an operation by just under 13 seconds / 24 hours. With a regulation was the movement however without further ADO on an operation by between + 3 and + 8 seconds to regulate. Still – a Seiko caliber in a such convenient clock surprised, normally would be here to suggest a cheaper kind works in China.

The unadorned drive – NH 35 A – produced by Seiko as a raw plant in Japan and is assembled in Malaysia. © Thomas Gronenthal

The housing is clean, seal the screw-down floor and the onion Crown not reliably up to 5 ATM. The glasses are clean. The features of the steel shell is striking only when the clock is decomposed, as well the work holding plastic ring.

The band is less clean. The steel members are although massively, but simple metal stamping parts. This is clear in the interstices. By the lustre, the Blingfaktor is also high. The double Deployant buckle with lateral Entriegelungsdrückern reconciled, however, with good quality, safer function and a graining in the inner part of the closing.

An optical highlight is the dial of the Burel. It’s elegant shaped and painted black, the printing is used clean, clean the markers. It looks elegant and high-quality and adds a fine touch to the clock.

Bottom line: If you can live with a completely unknown brand, does nothing wrong with this watch. In everyday life, would be to consider whether urgent-you need the watch with metal band, or whether leather would be a choice. Because with a quality leather “Straps”, the clock gets even more class. At a standard lug, of 22 millimeters of the Exchange is not a problem. “Bang for the buck-bang for the euro” is definitely the Burel.