Camera Update For The HTC One M9: Photos In The RAW Format

Smartphone photographers beware: the HTC one M9 take photos now photos in RAW format. This and more will bring a new update for the HTC camera app, which the current version is now available on the Google play store to download.

After the download of the update is the new mode in the HTC camera app “raw camera” to choose from. It is active, your snapshots directly as digital negative recordings are saved. So, you have your photos in its purest form for later processing, without compression in JPG-format with its typical compression artifacts.

Camera Update For The HTC One M9 Photos In The RAW Format

Not Only The HTC One M9 Benefited From Update

Are grouped in the use of new raw mode on it that the uncompressed images can beansprungen significantly more storage space and take time over 30 MB per file. A microSD card for additional memory is recommended thus. Raw mode is at least for the time being only on HTC’s latest top Smartphone one M9 to the selection. Whether and when the feature on all other devices will be available, is not known.

Which marketed primarily as a camera smartphones HTC one M8 eye and also desire eye get a new “combination recording mode” bought, with her you can insert in landscape photography. Split recordings, recorded at the same time with front – and rear-view camera, may now move the dividing line between two images. In addition, you can now manage the modes of HTC camera app and remove unused settings, or add new.