Camping Holiday: Past And Present

You can imagine hardly it with all the luxuries of today, but camping make already something different here 30, 35 years ago, when I was still a kid, went. A first difference is already preparing.

Camping guide to Internet

At that time my parents chose a camping ground as described in outdoor activity on the basis of a camping guide and then drove off on good luck. I remember a time that we arrived after a long drive in Luxembourg and everywhere the grass was knee on the ground. First, we had to mow our own pitch, before we even were able to build. Everything was so dingy, yuck. My father pimped up the Caravan and we went in search of a different campsite in the vicinity. And then we had to rebuild everything late in the evening, otherwise we could not sleep because my brother and I slept in the tent. How different it is today. Now most people search the Internet for the perfect campsite first endless and the reviews should be then at least ‘good’.

On the way to the campsite

There was no Tom Tom or other navigation systems at that time yet. Driving in the wrong direction is no longer an issue these days. Earlier, people knew the way better. I can feel it even when able. They rely on your navigation system, but have no idea where they are often really. While my brother and I back “I see, I see what you can’t see” played, my mother was looking for the right way to the campsite front with open folded cards. To avoid quarrels between us, the cooler was strategically between my brother and me. DVD headrests, Nintendo DS or iPod? We had never heard of it!

With eight men in a three person caravan

Camping holidays were often spent in the 1970s in a tent or folding car. We had a small caravan, which was initially moved away by our Datsun and later a Simca. Almost always it went on holiday to Germany. My parents owned a three person Caravan. Since we were sitting at dinner and we played cards to eight. My parents and my aunt and my uncle with between them our little cousin on one side and my brother and I on the other hand and my cousin on a Chair in the aisle. As we had during the night to the bathroom, we did on a bucket in the tent. Coals were endless heated with the pump of our air mattresses and then we ate a chicken on a spit. In the evening, we played a game, and when it was hot and we were stuck in traffic, Yes, then we were sweating just…

More space for fewer people

Camping is now very different. The Caravan is preferably provided with all comfort, like a kettle, air conditioning, mover, toilet and a fixed bed (with Spring mattress). We even go on holiday with a four person caravan with toilet on board two. The gas Grill is now hot, we have air conditioning in the car. And we spend the evening with television or the iPad.

Whether it was at that time better than now? No idea. We went often not far away. Actually, there is no luxury. It was much more important to enjoy. But I can certainly reflect on great holiday with our family. I still sit my father on his Unica folding chair and of course on his fishing Chair! But now I’m very happy with my own toilet and air conditioning in the car. It was really great, but I can’t go back in time to go!

What do you remember from your camping vacation in the eighties of beginning of seventies, or even much longer ago? We love to hear it and our readers no doubt!