Canon Bet On The Link Between Digital Cameras And Printers

Canon introduced a new range of digital cameras that can be connected directly to their household printers for printing photos. The connection is carried out by a single cable between the camera and the printer, without the need for use of a personal computer.

demo action that occurred during the presentation of the new products have been used the cameras PowerShot S40 (4 megapixels) and S30 (3.2 megapixels), connected to a printer for home use equipped with Bubble Jet technology developed by Canon. These new cameras PowerShot line will be on sale in the European market, Japanese and North American even before the end of the year.

according to agency Reuters, the Japanese company, also will launch an online service that allows users to create photo albums on the Web require high quality printing of digital photos selected and still download sound effects to replace the clock sound when a photograph is taken.

the Japanese manufacturer of office equipment and cameras hoping to achieve an increase in sales of consumables (e.g. cartridges) to enable a simpler connection between digital cameras and inkjet printers.

Canon is not the only company that intends to take advantage of the synergies created with the use of digital cameras and printers to increase your market presence. Another Japanese company, Nikon has equipment that allow transport of their images automatically cameras to PCs, when Sony also has released digital photo printers.

According to studies cited by LIUXERS, the global demand for digital cameras is expected to increase 45% this year reaching the 15 million units sold, in a market which is dominated in 90% by Japanese producers.

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