Capri Pants with High Waist

With the arrival of fall/winter, many girls Pin-Up wonder how to use the retro fashion as an ally of low temperatures. For mild days, as an alternative to traditional skirts, a good option is the capri pants high waist.

Capri Pants with High Waist
Hit in the years 1950, the play combines with various types of sweaters, tops, shirts and even go super well with the overlapping of jackets and cardigans. The length can vary: just below the knee (capri) or above the ankle (the skinny model).

Worth adding wide belts to mark the skyline. Already, in this case, are super democratic. The play goes well both with high heels, shoes. Invest in peep toes, pumps, sandals, flats, oxfords, anabelas, and so on. Everything will depend on the result you seek with the look.

The name of the part sweetheart of Pin-Ups refers to the Paradise Island of Capri, in Italy. According to fashion history books, there are a few versions for the birth of the “Fisherman’s pants”, as it was also known.

In 1948, the designer, Sonja de Lennart did a collection called Capri, with tights and shorts. The pieces would have conquered Hollywood, being worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, among other divas of the cinema, he’d end up influencing other women to join the fashion in the 1950.

However, another version ensures that the origin of capri is the work of designer Emilio Pucci, who opened a store on the island of Capri, in 1949, and sold these pieces. One of his most famous clients and who helped popularize this fashion was actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. In the years 1950, the beautiful spent a holiday season on the island and took the opportunity to parade with the piece.

Both events actually happened and were responsible for making the capri pants women’s sweetheart of the 50 and make the play returned several times to fashion, as again in the years 90 and now in 2015. In addition, of course, to become a true classic for devotees to retro fashion.


The piece is quite popular among the international Pin-Ups and recently also has gained space in the wardrobe. One of the stores that sells capri pants in various models (with or without buttons) and colors (black, red and green water) is hoticle.

The capri pants high waist from the store are inspired by the original models of the decade of 1950 and are available between sizes 36 and 48. Made in acetina Serge, a stocky and tough tissue, which is not as thick or thin as lycra, jeans have spandex in your composition to make the fabric even more malleable and with best fit to the body. Have a zipper in the back.