Crochet Bag: 80 Cute Models with Graphics and Recipes!

An accessory always present in the women’s wardrobe is the bag, and it is rare that you only have one little model; On the contrary, it is common to have several styles of bags in different materials. And in that collection, do you already have the crochet bag? Continue reading Crochet Bag: 80 Cute Models with Graphics and Recipes!

Welcome to Timbuk2 Bag Department Store

It’s like with a good old friend whom we ever not have seen with Timbuk2. We meet again after years for the first time and it has been so, as you never would be gone. Who already knows the bag department store, knows that Timbuk2 is not a completely new brand for us. In fact, she was one of the first brands in the shop next to Crumpler and is finally available again in the range. Timbuk2 has advantage of the break and mightily spruced up and convinces more than ever with cool looks and great features. Continue reading Welcome to Timbuk2 Bag Department Store

How to Use: Furla Candy Bag

Furla is an Italian brand of handbags, accessories and shoes. The name became popular in 2011 when a specific purse model was (and still is!) Heavily used by famous bloggers like Chiara and Betty:the Candy Bag. The bag has a medium size, but the features that most attract attention are the many color options, the material used and the transparency (at least in some). Continue reading How to Use: Furla Candy Bag

Red Lingerie

If you have a lingerie color that is guaranteed success at the time of seduction, this is without a doubt the red one. Powerful, super-feminine and sexy, this color meets all the attributes to leave your love crazy for you. As it fits well in all biotypes, from lighter skin to a brunette, there is no mistake! You know what’s even better? At Le Lingerie you will find several types of pieces in this tone. Check it: Continue reading Red Lingerie

Exercises During Pregnancy Tips

Exercising during pregnancy is an excellent way to keep fit and help throughout the process during the pregnancy until labor day. The regular practice of exercises during pregnancy can bring many benefits and should always be done with caution, with the doctor and with the accompaniment of a professional qualified in this area. Continue reading Exercises During Pregnancy Tips

Holiday Suitcase

Tips to pack your suitcase and go relaxed on vacation.

Packing the suitcase to go on vacation is sometimes a job that turns out to be more grueling than necessary.The key to being able to do it calmly and peacefully is to know what you need to take with you and what really ends up only by putting weight on your back.We leave here several tips in this field;we specify from clothing to food and what to take into account when packing the whole family. Continue reading Holiday Suitcase

Underwear Brand Discover New Ways to Wear Strappy Bra

With the tropical climate and the fashion of wearing clothes with bras appearing, the strappy bra, with the various straps that form peculiar geometric designs on the skin, won the most fashionable wardrobe. “A trend that has certainly come to stay, the strip bra is a boon in the summer, as it helps to compose the look with a nice production and ends the woman’s concern with the loops appearing,” comments Carla Terra, stylist of the brand LaniclÊ Lingerie Of Juruaia. Continue reading Underwear Brand Discover New Ways to Wear Strappy Bra

Female Boxing Gloves Where to Buy

The fisticuffs as a sport is usually directed to men. A long time ago, physical contact sports such as football, muay-thai, boxing, among others, were exclusively for men. Currently the company is much more flexible and women require independence to have the same rights as men. Boxing is grateful to have the female audience, because they also make the sport grow increasingly. Today this modality is also present in the everyday female and is growing increasingly. Continue reading Female Boxing Gloves Where to Buy