Chronicle: the Perfect Sneaker

For almost ten years ago, I was traveling through the United States together with my father. My newfound sneaker took off with the fantastic range of country in the West. And in a strange shop, North of Boston, something happened that never happened to me before. I found the perfect sneaker. Continue reading Chronicle: the Perfect Sneaker

Customize Sneakers Vans Galaxy: Tips How to Make Video, Price

Be innovative and stylish presents as sets in recent times, has already left sets those conventional standardized templates and found in any store. It was sometimes very common to see someone with something very similar to your, or even equal. That would fall to the ground, because a lot of people put in your style just demonstrating their own tastes, so the costuming of pieces so that they fit together in the alternate styles that we see every day with new items and little seen. Continue reading Customize Sneakers Vans Galaxy: Tips How to Make Video, Price

Women’s Tennis Shoes


Many women today make time for the sport, and tennis, for example, requires women’s tennis shoes that are really special, comfortable, and stylish for this occasion. This is a sport of European origin, it is basically known and practiced all over the world. And as it is also open to the female audience, it is getting more and more fans. Continue reading Women’s Tennis Shoes

“Lace Up Heels: Sandals Bollard

The sandals are usually the most-used shoes during the summer, but now that we enter the fall and temperatures tend to decrease a little, it’s worth betting on more closed, to protect the foot. The “lace up heels, which are the famous sandals with moorings on the feet, are super high can be good options. Check out how to use them correctly: Continue reading “Lace Up Heels: Sandals Bollard

Adidas Is Approaching Fitness Experts to Revive Reebok

Reebok is turning to sponsorship deals with prominent fitness groups to try to resurrect a venerable brand that has disappeared since becoming part of the German sportswear group Adidas eight years ago. Continue reading Adidas Is Approaching Fitness Experts to Revive Reebok

How to Use Legwarmer

Hello girls, today’s post will be dedicated to the use of Durable, now begins to cool and the fall in temperature allows an increase in the look, it’s no wonder they say: in the winter people tend to dress better. But no excitement to not screw up and exaggerate on parts and accessories. Continue reading How to Use Legwarmer

Is Your Helmet Padding Worn? Here’s How to Reform It

Whoever practices mountain biking with a certain frequency knows that the first thing that begins to deteriorate in helmets is the cushion pads. The constant use, combined with intense sweating and the necessary washes and hygiene are sufficient so that, in a short time of use, the cushions become anorexic, broken and begin to fall and get lost along the way. Continue reading Is Your Helmet Padding Worn? Here’s How to Reform It

The Short-Sleeved Boot Can be Your Ally

The short barrel boot is winter trend and has invaded international fashion shows. But the piece requires care because it can’break’the silhouette and detonate its look. See the tips of fashion consultant Arlindo Grund and check out our gallery with more than 20 models of the catwalks

Continue reading The Short-Sleeved Boot Can be Your Ally

Explore the History and Evolution of Snowboarding!

Okay that in Brazil we don’t have snow, but that has never stopped the passion of Brazilians by Snowboard. The sport, which is more recent than many people think, a good portion of fans thrilled by the talent of national athletes as Dinho Barros, Amaury de Souza Rosa, Gabriel Becker and several others.

Today, let’s talk a little about the history of snowboarding and how this sport has conquered the world, influencing young people even from countries that do not have snow where they can practice. Follow! Continue reading Explore the History and Evolution of Snowboarding!

Ankle Boots Jewelry

And who is coming stronger than ever? But of course it’s summer! And with it, also comes various new features in the world of fashion, such as skirts mídis, short shorts, dresses and jeans with the folded bar. And with all of this, who do you think stands the show by drawing attention? The ankles! Continue reading Ankle Boots Jewelry