Wedding Hairstyles

For those who already have a wedding spot, choosing her hairstyle is really crucial, whatever you the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or a guest, no matter much right now the concern will be the same. And hit the look isn’t always easy. Even more talking about trends, what will it take in terms of hairstyles for wedding in 2012? Just take a look below: Continue reading Wedding Hairstyles

Jewelry Sets

The jewelry were little by little conquering your trendy space and falling in taste of consumers more demanding and sophisticated, too, because, today, a beautiful fine jewelry can now be used in more formal occasions, replacing up to any jewelry model. Made of various materials, the more natural the unusual, the trinkets have become versatile and like all kinds of public. Continue reading Jewelry Sets

How to Choose Earrings for End of Year Party?

Every new year’s Eve we care about the look ideal to spend new year in style. In addition to the color of the clothes, the accessories are items that can enhance even more the compositions of parts and let us all ready to go out with the right foot in the new cycle starts. Continue reading How to Choose Earrings for End of Year Party?

Contemporary Jewelry by Barbara Strauss

OIII girls, okay? Here at Luxury guess the mood is tense, very complicated! Do you think it is easy to leave the city, walking through the stores, making matters, see 1001 news, and still have to control the credit card? OOOOO suffering… no woman deserves this… this job is getting more difficult every day. But I’m glad we can share with you our perdições, so don’t suffer alone! Hahahahahaha! So come on girls, prepared for another novelty? Continue reading Contemporary Jewelry by Barbara Strauss

Accessory of The Day-Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday and I’m harried even though no one with orders. So much so that I’m celebrating my favorite day. A fellow professional sent me flowers on Facebook with no idea that I spent hours and hours discussing with people in three continents the history of this piece. I realize that the busy passes a lot of time on social networks making historical gossip. Continue reading Accessory of The Day-Birthday Gift

Body Chains

Many are the materials used and suitable for the manufacture of piercings and reamers. Since the organic inorganic, many materials are widely used since the piercings, reamers and coming to the implants.Check the list below some of the most common materials in the manufacture of piercings, reamers and implants: Continue reading Body Chains

Ankle Boots Jewelry

And who is coming stronger than ever? But of course it’s summer! And with it, also comes various new features in the world of fashion, such as skirts mídis, short shorts, dresses and jeans with the folded bar. And with all of this, who do you think stands the show by drawing attention? The ankles! Continue reading Ankle Boots Jewelry

How to Decorate a Straw Hat

How to decorate a straw hat? -This is a fairly common question at the time of drawing up the look of jerk. This accessory, which reigns in the head of boys and girls, need some details customized to let the visual look hick and original. Read the article and check out some tips on customization. Continue reading How to Decorate a Straw Hat

How to Make and How to Use Fringe Earrings

The Accessories most desired by women at the moment are the fringe earrings.

Very strong trend in the years 20 and 70, the fringe earrings are back with everything and suffered some changes in templates to keep the face of 2015.

The accessories are responsible for letting the female look even more complete and charming and fringed earrings are great to wear on any occasion, whether for a barbecue with friends during the day or a prom on Saturday. Continue reading How to Make and How to Use Fringe Earrings