All about Physical Activity on Pregnancy

Pregnant Women Can Work Out?

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body undergoes several changes, physical, hormonal and psychological. So that everything runs smoothly during the nine months it takes to take some care, either with the skin, food and lifestyle. Many people are in doubt about many things when they enter at this stage, one of the main questions is about the practice of exercises, because there is the fear of getting fat too much or lose rigidity in the muscles. Continue reading All about Physical Activity on Pregnancy

Manaslu: Trip

3/average mountain stations

Capacity: 2 people
Length: 2, 14 m
Width: 1 m
Height Max.: 1, 07 m
Ports: 1
Arcos: 4
Advance: 0.60 x 0.80 m alt.
Avance Tras. 0.40 m
Weight: 4.35 Kg


-Frame in tubes of Duralumin (dural) with 10 mm diameter and internal fittings. The rods are joined by chubby LaTeX elastic with es-section thickness of 3 mm, avoiding losses and doubts at the time of Assembly.

-Aluminium Espeques with 20 cm long, corner type, with bowed head. Continue reading Manaslu: Trip

Trekking in Wheat’s Railroad by MaurÍCio Ariza

This story was one of the finalists of the Camper Contest Writer.
She ended the period of votalão popular with 143 vote
Site History: Between Guaporé and Muçum/RS
Date of story: 22 to 24 February 2013
Submitted by: Maurício Ariza Continue reading Trekking in Wheat’s Railroad by MaurÍCio Ariza

Safari in Namibia: in the Land of Great Rivers

“Beven, if we’re not back until sunset, I break your legs ‘, said dusty Rodgers and Beven had nodded indifferently. Beven is more nature guides, drivers, boatswain, and a few hundred other things. Rodgers is Bevens boss, a rough leg of Irish origin and also notorious Androher of bone fractures. Together they are one of this typical caprivischen buddy pairs. Occasionally comparable to Derrick and Harry. Or with Petterson and Findus. Continue reading Safari in Namibia: in the Land of Great Rivers

A New Way to Use the Flasher Lights

The Lights Flasher Are An Alternative To Wall Sticker And A Fun Way To Decorate The House

At Christmas we usually use the chains of lights to decorate trees and balconies and, with the end of the date, leave the garnish guarded by the rest of the year. But, these lights we call “flasher” can be great for room decor elements.In addition to being a relatively cheap and easy to find, the light can make your room very original. Continue reading A New Way to Use the Flasher Lights

Holiday Suitcase

Tips to pack your suitcase and go relaxed on vacation.

Packing the suitcase to go on vacation is sometimes a job that turns out to be more grueling than necessary.The key to being able to do it calmly and peacefully is to know what you need to take with you and what really ends up only by putting weight on your back.We leave here several tips in this field;we specify from clothing to food and what to take into account when packing the whole family. Continue reading Holiday Suitcase

Like Brushing Your Teeth of the Dog

  • Brush your dog’s teeth can prevent many problems, such as the Tartar. Learn how to make brushing correctly, to keep teeth clean and healthy.

The daily brushing the dog is very important to maintaining good oral health. The dogs have, on average, 10 teeth more than human beings, totaling 42. There are few breeds that have a greater amount of teeth, such as the Chow Chow has 44 teeth. Continue reading Like Brushing Your Teeth of the Dog

Chronicle: the Perfect Sneaker

For almost ten years ago, I was traveling through the United States together with my father. My newfound sneaker took off with the fantastic range of country in the West. And in a strange shop, North of Boston, something happened that never happened to me before. I found the perfect sneaker. Continue reading Chronicle: the Perfect Sneaker