PWN Egmond Marathon

PWN Egmond Walking Marathon will be held in 2016 for the thirteenth time. Be surprised by the beautiful but tough course and the friendly atmosphere of this event. You can choose for hiking or Nordic walking. Distance: 10.5 or 21.1 kilometers. The event will…
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Football Unit Objectives

After the Heysel tragedy that everyone knew, it was decided by Home Affairs to something must be done about the problems that stemmed from football fans. Allows comimissie Magot was formed which resulted in the unit.

Champions League Final Statistics

The popular tournament in international club football, the Champions League now 19 editions sit up, and is therefore, Yes, 19 finals. Detailed statistics on the performance of clubs and countries in these finals. Now almost twenty years is the UEFA Champions League…
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Memmo Diving Experience-Contact Us

Change your life for the better! Breathe Underwater? Ever wonder how will breathe underwater? Always wanted to see the wonders of the underwater world? So, learn to dive can change your life for the better! Come to experience the recreational diving with PADI…
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Return Of The Backpack 90s

Return Of The Backpack 90s 1

The 90s are coming back strongly, not only musically, or on TV, but also in fashion. And so, after flatform wedges and crops up here is that the backpack-fashion. You are ready ?! From Paris, with love. In fact comes from Chanel the overwhelming imposition…
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Backpacking with Baby Tips

Backpacking with Baby Tips 1

I dedicate this post to all those parents, somewhat adventurous, who plan to purchase a backpack for toddler to walk their child. The choice of baby backpacks is not one of the easiest, partly because the market offers several models with…
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