Wedding Hairstyles

For those who already have a wedding spot, choosing her hairstyle is really crucial, whatever you the bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or a guest, no matter much right now the concern will be the same. And hit the look isn’t always easy. Even more talking about trends, what will it take in terms of hairstyles for wedding in 2012? Just take a look below: Continue reading Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Invitation: the First Impression Is the One that Stays!

Many marriages today are following the most innovative and different trends of the market and thus end up leaving aside traditionalism. Personalization and originality are increasingly gaining ground in the matchmaking universe and the bride and groom are more demanding in choosing the great day’s preparations. Continue reading Wedding Invitation: the First Impression Is the One that Stays!

Wedding Application and Dresses Accessories

The marriage application is one of the most beautiful moments of her life for women. The process should be the same as a romantic film: whether at the candlelight dinner, in the city of love Paris or at another romantic place, where the couple has already spent many beautiful hours-there is not the ideal way to apply the marriage application but many different possibilities. Something old-fashioned but still popular again is to hold the hand of the devoted to their family. What you have to consider everything, explains this article. Continue reading Wedding Application and Dresses Accessories

What Does a Wedding Cost Approximately?

It is not uncommon for a couple to get married, but they do not know at what cost. However, the overall cost of the wedding can vary widely and depend on various factors. For example, a wedding ceremony in a small setting can cost around 1,500 euros, but a large wedding party costs very quickly even more than 10,000 euros. Continue reading What Does a Wedding Cost Approximately?

Bridal Bouquet with Unique Flower in Weddings!

The bride is one of the most iconic pillars of a marriage. Pretty much everything revolves around her. Dress, makeup, hair and bouquet-all these items are crucial for the bride. In this sense, it is fundamental to understand the style that you intend to use in your big day, whether traditional or minimalist. And the bridal bouquet with unique flower. Have you heard of him?

The history of the bridal bouquet is millenarian and pervades the imagery of society since ancient Greece. Initially, the purpose of these branches was to attract good fluids and drive away negative energies. Then the flowers became larger, more sophisticated and full of meaning.

Along with this, several legends emerged. One of them testifies that by sprinkling sugar on the petals, the future wife will become even sweeter in life for two, as the act of throwing them toward the unmarried guests will determine the next marriage to be. Well, over time, the evolution of the bouquets also gave way to creative ideas, as well as the mystical and minimalist aspects.

And with that, several models were created and adapted to meet the varied needs and desires of the world. However, what do you think of using an innovative, discreet and delicate model at the same time?

Bridal Bouquet: Innovate With The Unique Flower Elegance

In this context, the unique flower bouquet appears as a novelty indeed. Since it is quite unusual to carry only one flower towards the altar. However, whoever makes this choice has a defined profile. She is a modern woman, subtle and minimalist.

In addition, we can say that carrying this type of bouquet requires elegance, grace and an outstanding personality. In the same way, one has to have security to get out of common sense and show a different possibility from what is usually done.

In short, for all of these reasons, evaluate quite how you want to be on your big day. This is because the whole composition of the bride must be in harmony with their feelings. Before that, the first decision to be made is to choose which flower will be the protagonist of your bridal bouquet.

When selecting the flower, pay attention to some details. The first requirement is that it has a long sturdy stem, as well as a prominent petal volume in order to compose with the dress a balanced look.

Colors Of The Bouquet With Single Flower

The branch can have leaves or even a simple bouquet of herbs, without problems. The essential thing is that the plant is lush, fresh and to the maximum of its splendor. As far as tonality is concerned, the rule for the color of the conventional bridal bouquet remains identical in this case.

For the sake of clarity, let’s go to basic definitions. The bouquet in red color, for example, is indicated to the passionais. Whereas yellow is related to joy and renewal. Already who use an orange flower, will convey fascination and enchantment.

Otherwise, those who prefer the rose will show softness and simplicity. Finally, the white bouquet, always a classic, will reaffirm values ​​such as loyalty and sincerity. In addition to these, other colors may have exact definitions of what you feel or think, as explained in one of our blog posts here. Take a look!

Concomitant to this, each flower has, likewise, a singular beauty that will add positively to the visual designed for marriage. In this type of bouquet, some species are recommended, such as: rose, sunflower, gerbera, cinnamon, tulip, pitaya flower and peony – to name a few. From here, therefore, know the meaning of the bouquet made with each one of them. Come on!

The Choice Through The Meaning Of Flowers

Bouquet With Rose

Roses are extremely popular flowers and, for that reason, loved all over the world. The wide range of colors allows it to have many meanings.

The red one refers to the passion; yellow is interpreted as a sign of happiness; on the other hand, blue is related to eternal loves. All of these senses are fully appropriate in the context of a link. A bridal bouquet with one of them, regardless of the tonality, will always be a success. Which would you choose?

Bouquet With Sunflower

Sunflowers are mesmerizing. So it is not by chance that they are known as the flowers of happiness, good energies and vibrations. Emotions related to comfort, safety, warmth and affection are directly connected to it. If your single-flowered bridal bouquet consists of a sunflower, make sure your wedding entry will have a special shine.

Bridal Bouquet With Gerbera

Whoever decides for the gerbera, will be opting for a flower whose meaning is energy, happiness and, above all, life. The various colorations enable a conceptual diversity as in the rose, but always having love as the center of the sign. The bride to use as a bouquet, will – without a doubt – a start of ceremony very poetic.

Bouquet With Glass Of Milk

It is impossible not to be impacted by the elegance of the glass. This is an imposing, classic flower that expresses peace, happiness and prosperity. Perfect elements for your wedding entrance. As you walk towards the altar, the subtlety of a bridal bouquet made just with it will make this moment unforgettable. Do you agree?

Bridal Bouquet With Tulip

With a range of colors similar to pink and gerbera, tulips also have varied interpretations. Love is always in the center of them, yet it is possible, similarly, to associate vitality, sophistication and softness with their concept.

Bouquet With Pitaya Flower

The exotic flower of pitaya is intriguing, because while presenting a forceful force, shows a remarkable tenderness. For this reason, words such as rebirth, strength and grandeur are relevant definitions.

Such particulars will undoubtedly be applied to a bridal bouquet formed solely by her.

Bridal Bouquet With Peony

The peony is a flower that is associated with prosperity, wealth and luck. Its robustness also demonstrates imposition and attitude. For sure, taking it as a bridal bouquet will be a way of adding everything it represents to the date in question.

DIY And Unique Flower Bouquet References

However, there is still the alternative of making your bridal bouquet yourself. Yes, indeed, it is feasible to make a paper flower or even a felt.

In this case, imagination has no limits. Giant flower, surreal colors, unimaginable formats. All of this can become a reality if it is part of your dream. And if it is made through DIY, it will certainly have a greater and special meaning.

In the world of celebrities and even in TV shows, there are certain very interesting references of the single flower bouquet.

Actress Juliana Paes, for example, walked beautifully into the church with a discreet white rose, highlighting her dress and, above all, her beauty. In fiction, we have the example of the novel Viver a Vida, in which Marina and Clara- interpreted respectively by Tainá Muller and Giovanna Antonelli, married a blue rose each. Remember that?

When using this relevant prop, reflect on what message you want to pass on the path to the most solemn yes of your life. This is a very important moment and, on account of this, all the details must be carefully planned.

But when your decision has already been made, just have fun with the possibilities. Choose the flower, the colors and what comes in your surroundings.

Satin or third ribbons (for the devotees) are some of the ideas that can be put into practice. What matters, in fact, is the full realization of the bride. When the woman who is to marry has the complete satisfaction that everything will happen according to his will, there is no doubt that his trajectory until the wedding was the best possible.

5 Amazing Tips of the Naked Cake in the Wedding

Rustic and casual, the cake combines with daytime and unpretentious celebrations. Learn how to use Naked Cake on the Big Day!

Loosely carved and overlapping layers of loaf of bread, very creamy and juicy filling on display. Intentionally prepared without any cover, naked cake is almost an invitation to be devoured, piece by piece. It’s no wonder that this style of cake won the heart-and stomach-of the Americans in 2010, and it did not take long to make people’s heads in the rest of the world. Continue reading 5 Amazing Tips of the Naked Cake in the Wedding