Cave Coaster, a Good Runner Infinite Care That Will Test Our Reflexes

The infinite runners is a genre that has always stuck in Android, both by its way of adapting the platform games to an easy to handle in a phone format, as for the simplicity of its controls or challenge extra which is for our reflections that your character is always in motion.

Cave Coaster is not a game that is going to revolutionize the genre with new and intricate mechanical, but it is able to demonstrate what can give him these games with fun designs that, at least to me, reminded me slightly of games like Worms, and some care and good 2D graphics.

The objective of the game is simple, take a mine on our cart dodging all kinds of obstacles and avoiding falling into the void during all the time that we are able. All this while we treat of collect all the gems we are able to go by releasing different types of bonuses.

To meet our commitment, unique movements that we perform will be normal jumps and double jumps touch once or twice on the screen. In addition, we will also have three different bonus types at our disposal to attract gems, protect us from an inevitable clash or paste a Sprint.

As we go picking up gems during our games, the game will give us the option to improve the special bonuses that can be used, and since the last update we also invest about changing the design of our mining truck.

Ultimately, Wissler is a simple game as tend it to be the majority of the infinite runners, but with a well maintained appearance that makes it ideal but not essential for any dead time or to entertain our waiting during a trip.

Cave Coaster Version

  • Version of Android: 2.3.3 and higher
  • Developer: Smyowl
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: It offers shopping built into the application
  • Category: Arcade