Cell Phone Radiation Blocker: Beware Of Expensive Mumbo Jumbo!

Practical jokes or meaningful protection? What do radio waves actually do? The Jet protector is there? COMPUTER image sense and nonsense of products offered explores and reveals how you reduce the radio wave exposure without expensive extras.
Radio Waves Are Really Harmful?
Even after thousands of studies that no one knows exactly. It is clear that there are two effects of radio waves :

thermal effect: undisputed is that radio waves can heat body tissue. This effect is used in medicine, for example. The warming effect is harmless, as long as the limit not to exceed two Watts per kilogram. Athermische effect: even low-dose radiation of radio leads according to mobile radio opponents to sleep, feeling of weakness and brain tumors. This non-temperature-related effects were examined in several studies. The results are all in contention.

Flunked: the jet protector are no good

Fact however is 5 pictures to the image gallery: scientists hardly deny that also radio waves of very low thickness, can trigger biological effects in cell cultures in animals and humans. Whether these effects harmful to health, is unclear. It is at least understandable, if you want to reduce the personal dose of radio radiation and reduce to a minimum.

What Strahlenblocker are there?
the Jet protector can be divided roughly into three areas:
radiation protection when telephoning: stickers, papers and bags for mobile phones to keep radiation from the body (cost: between five and 73 euro). Radiation protection of the body: this is pockets or jackets with a fabric that will shield the radio waves of mobile phones (cost: between 20 and 500 euro).
Radiation protection fabric and color: insulate a room against radiation from mobile phone masts and other transmitters (cost: 13 to 50 euros per square meter).
Result: the most articles are expensive bells and whistles. Many products are not only completely ineffective, but to ensure even, that you can no longer make calls or the battery prematurely is flabby. The worst humbug, see the image gallery.


More on the topic and the full review, see the booklet
The full Test and the Results of Products, which have cut off better, read in the current COMPUTER IMAGE (Issue 7/2008, now in the Trade).

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