CFL or LED Bulbs

A CFL lamp, LED lamp and a halogen are in a boat. Halogen falls to the water… remaining t – it?

In 2018, the lamps halogen deemed too energy-intensive will be withdrawn from the market. A new light is needed in your home. Lamp CFL or LED ? INOUTLED helps you make the right choice!


The CFL lamp

The benefits of CFL lamp

From a technological improvement of the neon tube CFL bulbs last longer and use less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs . They will reduce your electricity bill. The luminous power of the energy is also much larger and of better quality than that ofa bulb ordinary.

The disadvantages of the fluo-compact lamp

CFL broadcast type neon light which may seem aggressive or unsightly. They are more expensive than conventional lamps , (count between 5 and €15 the bulb) but also more polluting because they contain mercury. The fluo-compact produces electromagnetic fields whose effect on health is only being evaluated by LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.

The LED lamp

The advantages of the LED bulb

LED lamps allow significant energy savings. Their life expectancy is longer than any other lighting technology. They offer up to 50,000 hours of operation. Unlike CFLs, they work both inside and outside and resist shocks very well. LED lamps offer a bright rendering immediate, powerful and fun.

The downsides of the LED bulb

The major drawback of theLED bulb is its price. Although it’s more expensive than a traditional light bulb, the LED remains a profitable investment given its very long lifetime. There are different quality of light bulbs, where the importance of choosing your products. To make sure can’t go wrong you, INOUTLED invites you to discover its catalogue ofLED bulbs at the best value for money!


Daily consumption (KW):

Compact fluorescent bulb : 0.300 – Incandescent : 0.075 – LED bulb : 0.040

Power (Watts):

Compact fluorescent bulb : 15 – Incandescent : 60 – LED bulb : 8