Chalcedony Jewelry: A Rock Chic

After talking to some very nice colored stones-I refer to jade, morganite andsapphires– and ahead of the summer stones –turquoise, coral and lapis– this time I will get your attention on jewelry with chalcedony, a stone that I find super chic and absolutely suitable for this season.

The characteristics of chalcedony: color and cut

We start with the name of the Greek chalkedónios, from Chalkédon: stone dates back to the ancient city of Bithynia suspended between the Black Sea and the Bosphorus.

The term Chalcedony indicates both a family of stones from different colors and names or a particular stone between them. Chalcedony, for example, may be red-brown and call themselves Carnelian, shades of green and be named Chrysoprase shades toward black and be called Onyx or blue shades and his name was, in fact, Chalcedony.

Today I want to talk with blue chalcedony from topbbacolleges.

The most important criterion for evaluating the Chalcedony and also one of its strengths is its colour, which tends from blue to gray milk. It’s a very special blue Milky, translucent, because so delicate as to be a bit watery diaphanous. Of course, we are talking about the pristine waters of Fiji, a dream practically!

Obviously the specimens that have an even distribution of color and transparency are the most precious.

As for the cutting of stone, usually the Chalcedony are cut en cabochon and used forengravings, cameos and intaglios.

Jewelry with chalcedony JAWS

Because of its delicate nuances, i find very elegant chalcedony jewelry to wear and no coincidence that the big brands use it also in fine jewelry.

The first grande maison I need to talk to you about is Cartier, which achieved with chalcedony-like real sculptures.

Theplatinum ring Cartier Royal, for example, has a carved chalcedony, a Sapphire cabochon cut 2.24 ct’s Ceylon sapphires and diamonds that make it a feast for the eyes. For the pockets a little less.

Wonderful even the necklace with pendant Cartier Boreal with chalcedony carved rubies, sapphires, pearls and diamonds.

Among the jewels with chalcedony by Bulgarians I have hit the MVSA earrings in Goldwith pink rubellite tourmaline beads, pearls, chalcedony and pavé diamonds.

Very chic jewelry with chalcedony made by Vhernier, which pulled the stone to the diamonds on white gold. The ring Platform by Vhernier sinuous design which makes it comfortable to wear even if quite large and heavy.

The earrings Vhernier always Plateau collection are more wearable than thering, absolutely suitable for both day and evening occasions. The convex chalcedony has a clean, elegant very versatile and even Lilli Gruber evidently thinks so!

Instead, leaves me puzzled Pomellato’s choice to focus exclusively on color to her jewelry with chalcedony. For thering Capri, for example, I would have thought to intersperse chalcedony faceted mounted on rose gold with some Pearl or a splash of colour and diamonds. Theeffect would have been more from jewel and less frombijoux!

Also makes less noble have launched in jewelry with chalcedony precisely because it is a stone that attracts the tastes of many.

Think Montblanc, a trademark absolutely neophyte in precious creations, wanted to say its on jewelry with chalcedony proposing a big silver ring with its symbol made with this stone. The price is higher than 500 euros, so not really cheap.

Even the famous brand of modular bracelets Trollbeads used the chalcedony facetedbead for her, I told you everything!

The care of chalcedony

If you have jewelry with chalcedony you should know that there are some steps to follow to take care and not making them spoil.

First of all the chalcedony if exposed to a bright light source can lose its color intensityor return to its original color if it has been treated. The Council, therefore, is to keep your jewelry in soft bags.

To clean your jewelry with chalcedony contact an professional because the safer cleaning mode in this case is ultrasound and steam cleaning.

Trivia about Chalcedony

Chalcedony is a very old, just think that is one of the 12 gems delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai.

There are many interesting trivia regarding the jewels with chalcedony.

The ancients considered her a magic stone. He thinks that in the sixteenth century chalcedony was prescribed by the wizards to wear around your neck or if to dissolve illusions and fantasies, to ward off black magic, psychic attacks and other negative spells rituals.

Saw that the wisdom of the ancients should not be called into question, it follows that chalcedony can banish bad luck any other business. Perfect, just another reason to choose jewelry with chalcedony, isn’t he?