Cheap Fabulous Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses under 1000 Euro

There was once a bride looking for the perfect wedding dress. On their shopping tour through the wedding Wonderland, she discovered a snow-white tulle dream. Their whole lives had saved the bride and was ready to attack deep in the Pocket for their heart robe. When looking at the price tag then the positive shock: “This is so dirt cheap!” And they, the wedding dress and of course also the accompanying spouse lived happily ever after…

This all sounds like a fairy tale? No! There she really that beautiful wedding dresses for under 1,000 euros! We have the clothes for any Princess would perform a Freudentänzchen. And for the money that is left, you can also still shoes and jewelry and veil and and and create…

For sensual curves: Fabulous satin wedding dress with flabellate draped and beaded trim. (Lilly, approx. 750 euros)

Wedding dresses under 1000 Euro

For beautiful legs: Bandeau wedding dress with reinforced top silk crepe and multi-layer mullet Flounce skirt. ( WEDDINGINFASHION.COM, approx. 575 euros)

For simple elegance: Natural white silk dress with interlocking cut-out and luxurious feather trim at the waist. (Coast London, about 640 euros)

For the retro look: Short fifties wedding dress with pleated waist yoke and embroidered Bustier. (Lilly, about 400 euro)

For sensual romantic: Fine tulle wedding dress with lace Aermelchen and waist. (ELF dress, approx. 890 euro) The favorite looks of the week: Subscribe to our free fashion & beauty newsletter here

For as: Voluminous wedding dress with lace, sequins, pearls and precious stones. (Heine, approx. 250 euro).

For clear forms: The wedding dress of layers of tulle is embellished on the neckline with sparkling crystals. The flowing sash Shimmers in a creamy white silk satin. (Coast London, 695 EUR)