Cheap Long Evening Dresses

If you are looking for a long dress cheap for a party which will be held at night, then i will tell you that you’ve come to the right place. 

Here thedresswizard will show you several cheap long dresses models for different holidays and important events that are carried out at night.

Blue long dress

Elegant and beautiful long dress in blue with v-neckline, long sleeves with lace, belted waist, semi-descubierta back, and skirt with delicate folds and opening up the floor.


Long black and turquoise dress

Sexy long dress with black top and turquoise bottom, also has sleeves three quarters with lace, neckline in v-shaped, wide belt of the same fabric of the dress, and maxi skirt with opening.

Long golden dress

Beautiful long dress in golden colour with neckline strapless, strapless, and skirt to the ankles. To my i especially really like because it makes look sexy and beautiful at the same time.

Black long dress

Modern dress in black with neck spoon, backless, crystal accents on the shoulders and skirt with opening and a tail. This dress is perfect for a formal evening party.

Red long dress

Original long cut red color with one-shoulder necklinedress, details of crystal in the chest and waist and skirt with delicate folds to the floor. This dress is ideal for going to a party at night that is carried out in the summer, this is because it is very cool.

Long golden dress

Elegant and beautiful long gown in court to golden colour with cleavage jewel, sleeveless,lace and accounts only at the top, and skirt fly up to the floor. This dress is ideal for a bride.

Green long dress

Long dress special court column in green with heart-shaped neckline, sleeveless, sequinboth at the top and at the bottom, and skirt with tail and opening up the floor. To my especially i love this dress.

Pink long dress

Romantic and delicate long dress in pink with boat type neckline, backless, accounts and wall lamps only at the top, and skirt with delicate folds to the floor. This ideal for a woman who is known for being romantic.

Brown long dress

Elegant long cut brown dress mermaid v-neck spoon, accounts and only lace at the top, ruffle waterfall, and a skirt with tail to the floor. This dress is also ideal for a bride.

Dress long navy blue

Beautiful long dress in navy blue color of cut, neck jewel, sleeveless, sequin both at the top and at the bottom, thin belt of the same color of the dress and skirt to the floor.

What do you think of these long dresses? What do you like? Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts at the bottom.