Cheap Ways to Revamp Bathroom

The bathroom is a key to the House piece: we spend on average 45 minutes a day. But to make it as pleasant as possible, it is sometimes necessary to give a small facelift. So how you retype his bathroom without too much cost? Thanks to this folder, Marie Claire gives you all his tricks to revamp your bathroom without cutting your wallet: painting tiles, adhesive lino, melamine custom shelving, door handles through the essential cleaning or decorative stickers laying: follow the guide!

Relook its bathroom at low cost with a good cleaning

According to bestcraftblog, the most important step to revamp bathroom is cleaning. Before you even consider to paint the tile or install a new floor, it is indeed essential that the room is clean. Tiles and floors of course, but also joints (joints sealing and joints of tiles) which, when they turn yellow or clutter to dirt, look quickly run down and badly maintained to a bathroom. For good do a little oil of elbow and patience are needed!

Relook its bathroom at low cost with a tile paint

To give a cost to a bathroom, it is often necessary to tackle the tile. But if you have neither the time nor the means to change, know there are paint specially designed for bathroom tiles: perfect for giving him a second youth! To succeed your tile picture of bathroom, consider washing your tiling beforehand as well as to spend underlayment to allow good paint adhere.

Relook its bathroom at low cost with a sticky floor

Nothing like linoleum adhesive for change the floor of a bathroom in a blink of an eye and for a few dollars. Opt for the lino by slab or the lino to unroll and cut to the measures of your bathroom. The lino is bit expensive (it will cost around 50 euros for a bathroom of 5 m2) and trendy: designers compete originality to offer ever more modern and colorful lino.

Relook its bathroom at low cost in rejuvenating the furniture

You might want to change your bathroom furniture but not necessarily the budget to do so. No problem, just sometimes little to completely revamp a piece of furniture that makes mine gray.For example, you can replace the handles of your closets. There is a lot that simply screw in the place of the old ones. You can also replace or paint the doors if necessary: you will find the necessary material in all hardware stores. And voila!

Relook its bathroom at low cost with practical shelves

To create practical and solid storage at low cost, go to a DIY store. Have cut to the required dimensions of the melamine plates to make shelves. You won’t have to paint them the colors of your bathroom and attach them to the wall using small strips of wood. Once posed to the wall, you can drop all your bottles and other small beauty products stored in pretty boxes to have them always at hand.

Relook its bathroom at low cost with stickers for furniture

Your bathroom furniture are grey mine and you have not the means to change? To style your furniture for a few euros, think about the stickers. There are multiple styles to fit all your decoration needs. Melts marin, pebbles, flowers, but also stickers of color to pose by plaques on the doors of your furniture to cover entirely: there are many possibilities.

Relook its bathroom at low cost with storage boxes

This may sound stupid and yet: sometimes just a few pretty storage boxes to give the look to a tired looking bathroom. What for? Because putting stuff usually apparent (tube of toothpaste, cotton bag, cream…), the piece will immediately have a more clean look. Pharmacy box, makeup box, small boxes for storage of the tissue paper, etc.: choose matching accessories to place all your small business and create a beautiful harmony in the piece.

Relook its bathroom at low cost with deco accessories

To give soul to your bathroom, accessories are essential. To save on the deco, think of some clever accessories and inexpensive that will add personality to your room. A green plant and a matching bath mat, sponge towels, a shower curtain to patterns, plus bath accessories such as candles, natural sponges, loofah gloves and bath salts to give to your bathroom look like a spa : between 50 and 100 euros can be enough to renew all of your bathroom accessories.

Relook its bathroom at low cost through adhesive floor tiles

The brand ” Like a color ” offers stickers custom made for all the tiles, with an endless choice of colors to create the original atmospheres and change of bath simply and in less than 1 h: chic shades or vibrant colors, anything is possible. Random checkerboard, line or dispatch, leaves so free rein to his imagination. The most? These stickers are resistant to water and cleaning products.

Relook its bathroom at low cost by painting her bathtub or shower

To completely cover an old floor tiles and bathroom on mini price completely change, the resin is the solution. With a principle of underlayment and Matt or gloss finish varnish, this very resistant material allows to walk away with a new, modernized and completely different bathroom for a moment. For the more daring, be aware that it is possible to RESINED a bath or a sink: the possibilities are endless.

Relook its bathroom at low cost by changing its robinette, the small health

For the bathroom, we often think of the main elements sometimes forgetting to go into detail.Of beautiful elegant hooks for the robe, a pretty mirror storage cabinet, a tablet to lay its small products… to give a real extra decoration touch at low prices. Concretely, replace a shower with a curtain wall bathtub more net, change its valve for a shower column with rainshower now very affordable, opt for a bowl just a little more square… and your bathroom rejuvenates aged 10. More aesthetic, more convenient, more modern, quite simply!

Relook its bathroom at low cost with good lighting

Attention firstly to the standards and the respect of “volumes of security”. That being said, too often overlooked lighting of these pieces of water which is nevertheless fundamental. Multiply points of lighting allows you to vary the moods. We need indeed not the same light intensity to succeed his line of eyeliner or for a relaxing bath. The best is to have 3 lights, a general on the ceiling or wall, a more specific at the top of the mirror and a light waterproof ball (which changes color) when you want to a little relaxation chromatherapy session…

Relook its bathroom at low cost through back door furniture

To create a decoration of original bath, nothing simpler than to divert items from another universe: the kitchen. There is indeed a wide range of mini smart storage that it would be wrong to not reuse! Even when there is no place we can always drag a slider down. 10 or 15 cm wide and designed for kitchen spices, it’s perfect for all bathroom products. Ditto for the bar kitchen with hooks and other small pots of storage that will be super convenient for cottons and makeup. How were we not thought of yet?