Chinos Women: How to Match

Masculine cut, pleats on the front and large life: chinos depopulated really this year, thanks to cotton fit (with the term “chinos” in English refers to the colored cotton trousers) and shades all played on neutral colors (like beige, khaki, pink and sandalwood color), although now the colors are many pastel shades (like blue) to bright neon colors (such as pink and yellow). The classic models have a small hem stitched and have no consequences.

Over the years he has become a real must-have not only for women but also for men, about their style between casual and sportswear, and their versatility in terms of pairings. Crucially, both are fine to very skinny girls (because they serve to fill the figure) that the curvy women (are useful to hide especially abundant forms).

How to match? Depending on the occasion. One of the combinations recommended by calculatorinc is to pair chinos with soft silk shirts (which can be enhanced with colorful necklaces) for a more sophisticated look. But they are also perfect with the jacket, from office wear to a more feminine style.

Do you feel more sports? Simply match colored polo, short sleeve or long. To be absolutely trendy, the pole must be the liveliest and vitamin colors going crazy this season. Do not underestimate the combination with t-shirts or striped top, a real smash this year.

We come now to the accessories. Rolled the ankle can be used with high heels, but also with lace, which make them suitable for a chic urban style, like with sneakers or open toe décolleté for a more glamorous and contemporary style. Another winning combination is the one with the dancers: bon ton and comfortable together. To make them more women simply resort to a colorful leather belt or a sash, maybe silk.