Choose Sports Outfits According to Your Body Type

This is what we propose to discover thanks to the tips of Violaine, our stylist. Follow our guide morpho. You are all different, your forms too! Therefore, we invite you to read our tips to help you enhance your figure and feel good in your body, even during sports.
Here, you will find tips on how to choose your outfit. For parts to avoid, it is there.

Spoon Morphology

The silhouette: of women morphology spoon have a lower wider body than the upper body. Their shoulders are rather narrow and often tiny chest. The width of their hips exceeds that of their shoulders. Their buttocks are rounded, their defined size. What fitness wear holding the spoon morphology? – Wear tops with beautiful necklines, patterns and bright colors because your goal is to attract attention to your upper body – If you overlay of fitness clothing, wear a bottom member whose color attracts the eye good tops – wear high near the body that highlight your slim waist and the length stops hips- wear jackets fitness with size well defined by cuts like princess forms of low – Choose rather long pants, straight and wide to mitigate your hips/buttocks – prefer dark colors (black, navy), which refine the silhouette discover the collection shape + Domyos, a line of fitness clothing designed to sublimate all silhouettes!

The Rectangle Morphology

The silhouette: women who have the rectangle morphology are usually slender, with small tits. They may find they lack curves. Their size, their shoulders and pelvis aligned and proportions roughly equal. What outfit fitness wear with the rectangle morphology?

– Wear gym clothes with scalloped because your goal is to create feminine curves;

– Choose models with details fancy hips and buttocks;

– Dare the bright colors and fun, your body permits you, such as jerseys from

– Let you color contrasts between high and low, play overlays that give more volume to your body rather right good tops;

– Create the illusion that you have more forms by wearing tops pleated or gathered effects, or colored panels at waist level for the visually refine;

– Wear tops with an open neckline;

– Choose fitness bras with built-in pads to accentuate your breast forms stockings;

– Choose low pants or leggings rights whose belt has a setback, color or with a pattern, to give the impression that you have more hips;

– Try the trousers that have a cut or a round sewn on the hips, thighs and buttocks. They will give the illusion that you have more forms.

The Hourglass Morphology

The silhouette: women with an hourglass morphology often have a high and a lower body with similar proportions. Their size is narrower than their shoulders and hips. Their chest is often generous. This body type is generally harmonious. What outfit fitness wear with the hourglass morphology? Choose fitness clothes close to the body (not too tight) to showcase your harmonious morphology.

Good tops

– Try tops with a V-neck or a scoop neck that highlight your chest;

– Choose tops with cutouts or contrasting colored panels that accentuate your waist;

– Go for tops with a length stops at the hip bones or above, or below (do not try to hide your thighs or your butt!) the forms of low;

– Dare forms of bottom near the body, with adjusted size (neither too high nor too low) that refines and wife hips;

– The right fitness pants (Regular models) are ideal for generous curves, they allow to improve the balance forms.

You now have some tips to successfully find the required fitness for your body type. Your forms are beautiful, you would be wrong not to highlight them!