Choose the Right Necklace

Choose the right channel: advantages and disadvantages of the main cracks

The choice of the mesh is obviously the main criterion when Choosing a chain or necklace. The aesthetic appeal of your favorite stitch will often determine the string on which will be your favorite. But according to the use you plan to make, string all the days or necklace of evening that you will occasionally wear chain intended to receive a Medallion to wear in neck ras or contrary to a long string, but also depending on whether you are of the kind “Breeze iron” to whom nothing resists, some meshes more suit your way to wear your jewelry…

To help you make the right choice and avoid so some surprises, we decided to review the main mesh string that is found on the online shops or in jewelry stores, and will try to list the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, and uses recommended as well as those to be avoided.

The Guide of the meshes

Some of you will perhaps nonstick on the question, others will perhaps barely heard one of these meshes, here is a little tutorial combining the cracks more often found in MILITARYNOUS, just to know what necklaces we are talking about!

Review of workforce

Strength, possibility of there put on a medallion, recommended length (chain, collar, neck ras, sautoire…), aesthetic, weight, price, are trying to develop the features that should come into play when choosing your mesh.

The mesh or mesh GI’s balls

This rather basic mesh is quite surprising versatility. A mixed mesh that offers a multitude of possibilities, depending on the thickness and the chosen length. Most thin (1 mm, 1.5 mm), very feminine, ideally highlight a small pendant and focus chain half way up near the neck, so that the larger (6-12 mm) will make a flush of neck of the most beautiful effect. It is a mesh often semi-hollow, rather economical. For the record, U.S. Army in having integrated the ball chain to the package of base of its soldiers, it is sometimes renamed “String GI’s”, its sober and robust side is surely not foreign.

The classics: Mesh Bracelet, Figaro and horse
Three mesh classic among classics, rather male, to the proven strength. Considered somewhat outdated by some, these three meshes are no less a must and always are highly successful. Here again, many variations exist, of the finest (1.5 mm) at the thickest (15 mm). These channels will support without any damage heaviest medallions and withstand the vicissitudes of daily life. Privillegiez to when choosing meshes massive (or semi-massives), that although more expensive to buy, you will enjoy the qualities of these STS without time limit, or almost.

The timeless: stitches convict, Jaseron and Venetian

Three meshes are not in the frills, certainly, but that’s precisely what asked, to effectively support and highlight all your pendants, even larger! It is usually one of these three stitches that you choose (among others) for children, their robustness and sobriety properties by making a choice is necessary.If you’re looking for a thin string that does not compromise with the strength, you can equally wear neck than RSA at navel height, feel free, one of its three meshes will fill you. Note here again, that declined in stitches thick each of these three stitches will make necklaces imposing the most beautiful effect.

The upscale: Coffee, Navy, or Epi
If you want to get the effect, too classic, (also called mesh Hermes) Navy mesh, mesh grain of coffee (for its shape), or the epi mesh could give you. Three lofty, robust and elegant meshes which are both in fine chains and collier, there still according to the thickness of the mesh. Apart from the chains, these meshes are not necessarily intended to welcome a Medallion.

Mechanical: diamond, mirror, snake

Chains that look alike by their mechanical Assembly and so by their characteristics. Three ribs meshes which are much effect in level of neck, it will however take care never to bend, especially for finer diameters! Declined mesh round or flat, often bright channels, which will bring them touches very classy. Avoid too heavy pendants, these meshes magnet much deformations!

The exotic: Balinese, Peruvian (or Royal), Palm

Here are three meshes original, preferably wear rather than chain necklace , rather sophisticated blends that give these articulated mesh a hardtail outfit especially for the biggest diameters.