Chronicle: the Perfect Sneaker

For almost ten years ago, I was traveling through the United States together with my father. My newfound sneaker took off with the fantastic range of country in the West. And in a strange shop, North of Boston, something happened that never happened to me before. I found the perfect sneaker.

We would paddle a canoe for a few days and visited an outdoor store to purchase equipment. In a corner, I found the shoe Department that mostly consisted of hiking boots and other tjocksulade creations. But as I found them: Nike Air Moc. Unfortunately, I am no more than pick up the shoe in your hand before it small to properly throughout the House and everything went black. The lightning had struck down the store roof. All power was gone. We had to vacate the premises immediately and foolishly enough, it was just to put back the shoe and try to find out in the dark.

After a short spell with camping at Zipcodesexplorer and a few hundred bites from these nasty little insects, it was time to move on. Determined to find my new favvoskor I was looking through every single shoes store I came across. Not a trace. And no one had even heard of model Air Moc. I got to go home to Sweden empty-handed.

For several years I had shoes on the brain, but by now it was a little difficult to remember exactly how they looked or was it where I really had to. But I remembered the feel of it and I knew that they would show up sooner or later. Which they indeed did.

Unfortunately, it became obvious that I didn’t get me a particularly good picture of them in the few seconds I held them in my hands. The shoes I found looked like in the picture above. One of my life’s greatest anticlimax.

In retrospect, I laughed at the incident, but even longed back to where the quest for the Holy Grail sneaker-. It was fun to go into the hundreds of shoe stores with the hope that one would find them again. Once I reached my goal, it was not nearly as much fun as I had imagined.

It is true that in all other contexts-the journey is the goal, even when it comes to vanity.