Classes of Boxing Weights

Boxing is a tactical sport where speed is crucial. What is also very important, is the position of the feet, the eyes and hands.Stamina is also very important in boxing. If you will quickly run out quickly perform worse. In addition, you will be less attentive to the incoming blow.


A boxing match is played over several rounds. Each round lasts a few minutes. How long each round will be determined by the type of race. The bigger you are, the longer they last games. In Olympic boxing, the time it takes a race, so divided:

  • A-Class 3×3 minutes
  • B-Class 3×3 minutes
  • C Class: 3×2 minutes
  • N class: 3×2 minutes

Each race is led by a judge. The referee stands during the match with the participants in the ring. The jury gives points. Which ultimately gets the most points or the opponent strikes won. While amateur games, using a ” boxpointer”. The boxpointer is a type of computer that calculates the score. Jurors pressing their remote opening prayer for those who have earned a point.

Clothing and protection during fighting

Each boxer must wear a pair of boxing gloves. This is mandatory, along with a head helmet. Moreover tverplicht he do in one piece. This protects the jaw and teeth during the fighting. Carrying bandages also recommended to protect the wrist. It is not the first time that a boxer breaks the wrist while fighting.