Clothing and Other Herbs

Hello, today I will speak of the maternity clothes and stores where you can get it. I remember when the hermanamayormia was pregnant eight years ago who told me that there were lines maternity in Zara, H & M, Benetton and C & A. As well as large chains. Then you can always go to specialty stores that are more expensive but also more exclusive. But of course, hurts all the soul in spending on clothes that you know you will put less than a year. So, whoever says otherwise lies. My girlfriends mothers tell me that even they have caught craze to the maternity clothes, so I like to use.

Overall, if you don’t want to spend much you can go to the big brands… but oh, no. Now Zara has no maternity line in stores, nor Benetton, it looks that had cool things. Thus, all God is going to H & M. Be pa to buy some leggings and jeans already going well, but if you want something more bonico for what has been your torso, then as not. Now I see that Mango has launched a campaign of Maternity as described in maternity garment, five pieces, mainly jeans. Zara has some maternity, pants with side rubbers, but found it on the web is almost a record X. Requiring if someone explained to them as display information on the web, I offer by a handful of gold coins, because fabric. There is also a line in El Corte Inglés and in C & A, but don’t want me confused with my grandmother, so better we dodged them.

So from here throw a spear for those people that are thrown from the bike and design things for pregnant women, and after pregnant women, that we are always Snitching clothes, passing it among pregnant women and mothers, and one that likes to buy. So thanks to the Lords @dressmadre to make cool t-shirts (hope in candeletas winter, a passing campaign heat, but in November I can not go in braces…), which gives thanks to those making knit wear, and you can get it in winter, thanks to the marsupials because the bebemio already too heavy and likes to go abrigadete Thanks to the jeans boyfriend, big jerseys and shirts, and thanks to the friends who leave you cool things.

And you where you buy clothes? Or rather, where you saw you?

And another question that assails me, how long will have to wear maternity clothes after giving birth? UF… collects my work!