Color Pop Collection

I like daring but want to do so only with great style? We think Pupa that we hear so many eccentric and extravagant shades to color the eyes and nails, with the all-new Color Pop Collection.

bright colors, fluorescent and in contrast, decided to make up, long eyelashes and painted, fluorescent glaze… just as the trends of the latest fashion runways.

The Color Pop Collection by Pupa Ultra writers includes 5 eye shadows, mascara 9 from 10 vibrant shades and glazes shocking for ultra chic nails.

The protagonist of the new line is the absolute color that like a thread through all the features and make up. Let’s find out all the details of the wonderful products that make up the collection.

There are 5 bright colors and neon eyeshadows perfect for daring in SOCIETYPICALLY: orange, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and blue.All lively with an exceptional writing effect, to create a sophisticated makeup from the full color that resists long. Each eye shadow is contained in a small cosmetic bag with mirror and applicator, and outside there is an impact graphics reminiscent of the make-up color. Watching them put lots of fun wearing them … who knows! Will be on sale at the price of 11,50 Euro.

The Color Pop Collection by Pupa plays amazing color eyelashes, decidedly unusual: orange, red coral, fuchsia, purple, plum, emerald green, turquoise, electric blue and midnight blue. 9 rich tones and decided to bulky and curved eyelashes. The pplicatore new mascara, super-soft fiber, is designed to immediately release the color first pass and to create an effect absolute volume. The mascara cost 11,50 Euro, as eyeshadows.

The mascara can be used alone on all lashes, or may be applied after the black mascara on the tips of the lashes to create an original french. Look at the images strabigliante effect!

The Smaltomania is tinged with new colors, shocking, intense and fluorescent. The Color Pop Collection by Pupaproposes 10 new glazes with an innovative ultra-performing formula that does not contain “harsh ingredients”. Among the ingredients are there: special resins that give an absolute brilliance and ensure long life, the nitrocellulose for fast drying and a gel system that makes it easier to monitor and intensifies the color. The newest shades are: orange, yellow, purple, fuchsia, pink, blue, mint green, lime green, coral and peach. You can buy these wonderful glazes at a cost of 5.90 euros.

The Color Pop Collection with its bright colors can be used with a lot of imagination to create color combinations and original games. Pupa invented 5 looks for blue eyes, green and brown, here they are: