Color Rain by Night

Besides ColorRun are now color Rain, a crazy kleurenren day or evening. Colour Rain does not focus on speed but on socializing and fun with friends, colleagues and family?? s. The color run shoot like mushrooms out of the ground and the events are a success. Runners like to do it in color.

Color Rain Breda

Color Run is on 26 May 2013 for the first time in Amsterdam and it is so??success, the event has been sold out in no time.Besides paint color Run Rain is organized. The same day as the color Run Color Rain in Zwolle will be held in Amsterdam. You run during this event at your own pace, through a cloud of colors. Colour Rain is 4-5 kilometers long. Colour Rain or rainbow-term is a variant of Color Run. The principle is the same, but it is not officially the same match. With a slight variation of the name, there is a new circuit color runs out.

Color Rainforest by Night

In several banks in Noordwijk 2013 Sneek include a color Rainforest by Night is organized. Colour Rain during which the trail is four kilometers. Participants go through a cloud in the dark color and ring the night in a spectacle of color and music. The runners are so many possible luminous dressed or wearing bright accessories. After each kilometer runners dipped in a cloud of color: blue, green, yellow and pink. The finish is an explosion of colors.

Twin Allround

Colour Rain organized by twin sisters Nanja and Rianne Schorrel and Twin Allround Foundation.
Twin-round organizing various activities to get people to move. The Foundation works to connect people and Twin Allround committed to projects with charities; they support projects that have a meaning in society.


Colour Rain will need many volunteers to make the event run smoothly. Those who want to help can report to the organization. It include these volunteers fall color bombs and immerse runners in cloud color. Color stations for runners to choose whether they get a lot of color about him or little. Who is on the side, left or right, it will be fully charged. That goes in the middle captures much less paint. Color powder packed in special color rain bags. This content comes in copper poured over paint riders. The ink consists of a powder, of course, where a biodegradable color is added. There is corn flour which dyes are added to those approved for use in food.

Färgrainforest by Night Sneek

New on sports events calendar is color Rainforest by Night. On Monday, August 5, 2013 finds such a happening place in Sneek. On August 17, 2013 Noordwijk turn. The Dutch
bucket of Colo Rain Twin Allround Breda June 23, 2013. The edition in Sneek is under Sneekweek, boat event in the Frisian town, location. Color Rainforest by Night begins at the beach pavilion Sneekermeer. Mad illuminated suits are especially welcome. The more the merrier. You can participate alone or in teams. The course is four kilometers long and lit with many candles. Participants run through various color zones and the direction of the public with food coloring to the runners thrown with a grand finale at the end. Color Rainforest by Night starts at 22:00. The proceeds from the event is for Twin Allround Foundation, which cares for sick and disadvantaged children.


Twin-round foundation dedicated to different purposes. One is the project Shirt Star that makes dreams come true for children with cancer in the Netherlands. Make a Star today is the goal: to realize the dreams of seriously ill children. One of the measures is to Ilse. She is eight years old and has cancer. Ilse her dream is to ski slats and ski.Colour Rain gets money to realize this dream.
In 2014, Colour Rains also organized regularly, and in 2015 there will be a color Rain Festival.